Annual Club Meeting

September 16th, 2023 at 3 PM 

A Message from the Board President: 


Dear Copley Country Club Member,

This Saturday, September 16, the annual meeting of Copley Country Club will be held. It is the hope of all of us on the Board of Directors that you can attend the meeting.  It will be held at the clubhouse at 3pm.

During last year's meeting, there was a discussion regarding whether to revert the golf course layout to having the first hole be what is currently the 8th. For those who may not have been members back then, the layout was changed when we moved the pro shop to the clubhouse from what is now the locker room.  This allowed the pro shop to monitor tee offs more easily from the first hole. It also allows us to reduce staffing costs by having the Veranda staff cover pro shop at times. It was decided that a vote would be taken at this year's meeting to decide if we will make this change.

We would like to get a sense of the membership's feelings about the change by conducting a quick survey, please answer the question and submit your response by Saturday at noon.  Results will be presented at the annual meeting during the discussion of this potential change.

One last thing, there are three board positions open this year. We welcome anyone interested in serving on the board to put their name on to run for a position. If you have interest, please leave your name at the pro shop before Saturday.

Karen Autorino, Chair, Copley Country Club

Elmore, VT 05657

802 279-3265