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    Board Minutes

  • Copley Country Club By Laws

    Article I

    Name and Purpose

    The name of this corporation, hereinafter called the Club, shall be the Copley Golf Corporation, of Morrisville, Vermont. It is a not-for-profit corporation (established February 12, 1935), to operate the golf course and buildings owned by the village of Morrisville. The purpose of this Club shall be to promote and encourage the playing of golf.

    Article II


    1. The annual membership meeting of the Club shall be held at such time and place as may be suggested by the Board of Directors and confirmed by a vote of the regular members.
    2. Any regular member in good standing will be entitled to vote at the annual meeting.
    3. Five percent of the total regular membership of the Club shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the membership.
    4. The chairman, upon request of five percent of the total regular membership of the Club, or upon request of the Board of Directors. Shall call a special meeting of the Club.
    5. The secretary shall notify regular members of all special and annual meetings of the membership by posting a notice two weeks in advance at the Clubhouse when the course is open. When the course is closed, the notice will be published two weeks in advance in at least two newspapers having general circulation in the area.
    6. The by-laws may be amended at the annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose, by two thirds vote of the regular members present.

    Article III


    1. The Club shall consist of regular, junior, social, and honorary members. Regular members are defined as those paying senior, couples, silver and intermediate membership fees or providing services in kind.
    2. Any person 16 to 18 years of age (inclusive for that year, until January 1 of the following year), has the option top become a junior or regular member.
    3. Any person 15 years or younger may become a junior member.
    4. A majority vote of the regular members at the annual meeting may designate honorary members who shall enjoy all privileges at the Club except voting and holding office, and shall pay no entrance fees and annual dues.
    5. The regular members, by majority vote at the annual meeting, may establish residency qualifications for membership, and final authority to accept or reject a member shall rest with the Board of Directors.
    6. The regular members, at the annual meeting, shall elect members of the Board of Directors.

    Article IV

    Board of Directors

    1. The control and management of the Club shall be entrusted to a Board of Directors, consisting of seven (7) members, elected by the regular membership at the annual meeting. The Board has the authority to appoint within the Board, a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary and Treasurer. All of the Board members shall have a Board vote unless a conflict of interest exists.
    2. The seven members of the Board of Directors shall be elected one position at a time by a simple majority vote of the regular members present at the annual meeting. Each member shall hold office for a period of three (3) years.
    3. Vacancies in the Board shall be filled, until the next election, by a vote of the remaining members of the Board.
    4. The Board may fix reasonable penalties for violation of the by-laws and rules of the Club. No member may be permanently expelled, except by a majority vote of the membership.
    5. The Board of Directors shall appoint a nominating committee, consisting of three (3) members who are not Directors of the Club, and this committee shall submit a list of nominees for the Club’s Directors at the annual meeting. Other nominations may be made directly from the floor at the annual meeting.
    6. The Board may appoint other committees of the Club, which shall be responsible to the Board.
    7. Regular, junior and social membership fees will be determined by the Board of Directors.
    8. The Board of Directors may remove any officer by a majority vote of the Board.

    Article V


    1. The officers of the club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Treasurer.
    2. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Club membership and all decisions of the presiding officer shall be final, unless overruled by two-thirds vote of the regular members present. The Chairman shall also preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, with no voting privileges, except to break tie in the event of a voting deadlock. The Chairman will have the Secretary keep minutes of all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors.
    3. The Vice-Chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman in his absence. The Vice-Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, with no voting privileges.
    4. The Treasurer shall through his/her agent, collect all dues and money due the Club. The Treasurer shall keep suitable boards of account and he shall report to the annual meeting.

    Article VI


    The regular members, at the annual meeting, shall elect by majority vote three (3) auditors from the regular membership, for a term of three (3) years each, to revise and audit the Club’s records. Said audits shall be completed prior to the annual meeting and at the end of the calendar year. The nominating committee shall submit nominees for auditors at the annual meeting. Vacancies shall be filled, until the next election, by the Board of Directors.


    August 23rd, 1980

    These changes in the By-laws are in accordance with membership approval at the August 23, 1980 annual meeting of a proposal to eliminate the offices of the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and institute a seven person Board of Directors who would then, within the Board, appoint a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer, with all members of the Board having a vote.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated August 20th, 1977)

    August 27th, 1983

    These changes in the By-Laws are in accordance with membership approval at the August 27th, 1983 annual meeting of a proposal to incorporate the provision of Social Membership into the By-Laws.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated August 23rd, 1980)

    August 24th, 1985 *note above

    This addition to the By-Law is in accordance with membership approval at the August 24th, 1985 annual meeting of a proposal to establish annual audits of the clubs records.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated August 27th, 1983)

    September 6th, 1986

    This addition to the By-Laws is in accordance with membership approval at the September 6th, 1986 annual meeting of a proposal to add an amendment to Article VI, Auditors. Vacancies shall be filled, until next election, by the Board of Directors.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated August 24th, 1985)

    September 17th, 2005

    These changes to Article VI to the By-Laws are in accordance with membership approval at the September 17th, 2005 annual meeting in which the Board of Directors shall review and Audit all financial records on a Monthly basis, prepared by the bookkeeper for the Club. The Board shall also hire an accountant to review these records on an annual basis.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated September 6th, 1986)

    September 17th, 2005

    These changes to Article IV Section 2 is in accordance with membership approval at the September 17th, 2005 Annual Meeting in which the seven members of the Board of Directors shall be elected one(1) position at a time by a simple majority of the regular members present at the annual meeting. Each member shall hold office for a period of three(3) years.

    (Previous By-Law Changes were dated February 12th, 1935)

    September 16, 2006

    Previously amended Article VI, as voted by membership at the annual meeting of September 17th, 2005, is rescinded and Article VI shall remain as established February 12, 1935

    (Previous By-Laws were dated September 6th, 1986)

    September 24th, 2016

    These changes to Article I are in accordance with membership approval at the September 24, 2016 annual meeting of a proposal to amend the title to be Name and Purpose, describe the Club as a not-for-profit corporation and change the object of the club to the purpose of the Club.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated February 12th, 1935)

    September 24th, 2016

    These changes to Article III are in accordance with membership approval at the September 24, 2016 annual meeting of a proposal to define the regular member to the membership fee paid or service provided in kind.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated August 23rd, 1980)

    September 24th, 2016

    These changes to Article IV are in accordance with membership approval at the September 24, 2016 annual meeting of changing regular to current membership fees available (Senior, Couple, Silver, and Intermediate).

    (Previous By-Laws were dated February 12th, 1935)

    September 24th, 2016

    These changes to Article V are in accordance with membership approval at the September 24, 2016 annual meeting of changing the Secretary/Treasurer to Treasurer, and amending the duties of the Chairman to have the Secretary keep minutes of all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors.

    (Previous By-Laws were dated February 12th, 1935)

  • Copley Country Club Employment Rules

    1. Copley Country Club is owned by the Town of Morristown and Managed by a Board of Directors who are members of Copley Country Club. The success of the Club depends on the ability of all Board Members & employees to work as a Cooperative Team.
    2. Quality of Performance:
      In accepting a position at Copley Country Club, the employee agrees to perform his or her work in a high quality and time efficient manner. Failure to maintain a high standard of quality or efficiency may result in the dismissal of an employee.
    3. Clothing & Appearance:
      The clothing and appearance of employees is a reflection of their
      Professionalism and the quality of our club. Employees shall maintain a clean and well-dressed appearance while at work. Clothes which are frayed have holes should not be worn at the club. While working at the Club, employees shall wear shirts and shoes at all time. Employees should come to work neat and clean.
    4. Punctuality and Performance:
      Employees should arrive ready to work at the agreed upon time. Upon arrival, employees should be ready to begin work immediately.
    5. Alcohol and Smoking:
      Employees shall not consume alcohol while on duty. Smoke only in designated areas.
    6. Drugs:
      Use of any illegal drugs may result in immediate dismissal.
    7. Interaction with Members:
      Members are customers of the club. Employees should be polite and helpful at all times to the customers.
    8. Sexual Harassment:
      Club staff are advised to maintain a Professional demeanor at all times while on duty. All caution should be used in this sensitive matter. If any employee feels they may be experiencing sexual harassment from other staff, a club member, they should contact the Board immediately.
    9. Compensation:
      Paychecks are processed once a week. Employees shall keep a record of their hours and submit these hours as specified on time sheets which are available at the Club. Additional time for lunch and/or personal errands should be recorded on the time sheet and not billed as hourly salary.
    10. Injuries:
      Any employee who is injured on the job should seek adequate medical treatment immediately and report the injury to the club in writing.
    11. Health Insurance:
      The club does not provide health insurance for employees.
    12. Non-Working Hours:
      Full time employees or managers have all the playing privileges of paying members.
    13. Grievances:
      Any employee having a grievance about any aspect of their employment should contact their Manager or the Board of Directors immediately.
    14. End of Employment:
      Employees wishing to end their employment at the club should give their Manager a written notice 2 weeks prior to ending their employment. Employees successfully completing their jobs will be given a Letter of Recommendation by the club.
    15. Full and Part Time Employees:
      Full and part time employees are granted golf privileges at no cost to them, but will not be permitted to vote at annual meetings, unless they pay their own membership.

  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - 2021

  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - 2020


    No meeting


    No meeting

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    March 09, 2020

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM
    Meeting Facilitator: Todd Thomas
    Attendees: Cricket Bailey, Alyssa Barnes, Brant Slayton, Todd Thomas, Dave McAllister, Dave Earle, Karen Autorino
    Absent: TJ Whyte
    Call to order
    Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. First check from Verizon has been received. Back pay will be also deposited to CGC from October when Verizon broke ground. This was an unexpected $6000. Todd proposed opening a Line of Credit, then closing the NCFCU loan – has a higher interest rate. Line of Credit would be a back up only, likely not need to be used with Verizon funds.
      a. Karen motioned to use the Verizon funds to pay off the NCFCU loan (approximately $4000) after LOC is opened.
      i. Cricket seconded the motion
      ii. All members in favor.
    2. 2020 Events and Tournaments –
      a. Opening day will be 4/25/2020 (weather permitting).
      b. May 2nd – Opening Social 4-6
      c. May 3rd – JRF Diabetes
      d. May 13, 14, 15th Leagues & Captain and Crew begins
      e. May 30 & 31 – Member-Member (a.m.)
      f. May 30th – 90th Birthday party 3-6 ($10-$12pp + bar)
      g. June 6th – PA Alumni Banquet (100+)
      h. June 7th – Morrisville Soccer Club (70+) golf
      i. June 13th – Hickory Tournament
      j. June 14th – Realtor Outing
      k. July 11th – Copley Scramble (max 76 people)
      l. July 18th – Ladies invitational
      m. July 25 & 26 – Club Championship
      n. July 31 – captain and crew & night golf
      o. Aug 1 – Class of 1975 dinner
      p. Aug 8 – Alice Agney family reunion
      q. Aug 15 & 16 – Men’s Member-Guest
      r. Aug 29 – Lamoille County Mental Health Tourney
      s. Sept 19 – Annual Meeting
      t. Oct 2 – Norwich Outing
      u. October 4 – Final Fling
    3. Jr. League
      a. Approximately $1500 in verbal pledges in donations for the league.
      b. Dave has talked to members and promoted the league for participants and volunteers.
      c. Dave will be developing a committee eventually to work through more details.
    4. Grounds & Equipment –
      a. Some equipment needs repair – all is included in the budget. Brant is continuing to look into other deals for equipment that will need eventual replacement.
      b. Squirrel/Brooke is returning. Brant will need 1-2 more part time workers.
    5. Bar & Grill –
      a. Opening May 2nd.
      b. Steve is not returning. He is willing to help out, particularly during events or if we are in a bind. Brant has hired Clay Kinkade as the new full time cook. His experience is in cooking and employment at the mountain.
    6. 2020 Membership update
      a. Membership is currently strong. Several new members.
      b. 2019 there were 136 members, board hopes that we will exceed this given the strong interest.
      c. Karen proposed a promotion to further encourage new members.
      i. Board discussed options and potentials for this
      ii. Todd suggested more promoting and advertising CGC.
    7. Flyer/Vistaprint will be sent out to encourage Morrisville residents
    8. Front Porch Forum blast for membership pricing
      a. New members $399 + tax
      b. Previous members (2017/2018 members) $599 + tax
      c. Junior $99 + tax
    9. Website –
      a. GolfNow has been difficult to work with.
      b. Brant is looking into other options – TouchBistro, Club Essentials, Tee Up, ChronoGolf etc.
    10. Verizon Cell Tower
      a. Verizon will be back in the spring. Brant reports that they have been great to work with.
    11. Long-Term business
      a. No new business at this time.
    12. New Business
      a. Deck furniture for 2020 season –
      i. 36 chairs, 5 rectangular, 1 round, 1 small square
      ii. Board discussed options needed for clubhouse and priorities. Decided that depending on the income from the year, we will seek to allocate funds to make such clubhouse-related upgrades.
      b. Alyssa will coordinate a Jump On It deal for Master’s weekend.
      c. Brant will be seeking new propane companies since the Bourne’s contract ends this year.
      d. Will need to further discuss about an on-demand hot water heater and heat pump. (TJ?)
      e. Discussed a new roof on locker room building, which could allow for solar panels?
      i. Board discussed future options of going solar to reduce the nearly $700/month electric bill. Todd will make a contact to Sterling Mtn. Solar to get more information.
    13. Next Meeting: In the Morrisville Town Offices on Tuesday, April 7 @ 5:30


    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    April 7, 2020
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Cricket Bailey, Brant Slayton, Karen Autorino, Alysa Barnes, Dave McAllister

    Absent: Dave Earle

    Call to order Approval of minutes from the last meeting

    1. Review current financials
      1. Brant reviewed financials with Barb.  Copley has received the $8000 backpay from Verizon. 
      1. Unable to approve because we cannot see these financials via teleconference.
    2. Covid19
    3. Unemployment filing

    Brant has filed for unemployment, other employees that should or will be filing? Brant to update.

    • Financial relief options
    • Paycheck Protection Program:

    An SBA loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

    We are applying for this loan which needs to be done through your bank that manages your deposit accounts, seasonal business can apply. ALL banks are currently overwhelmed with applications. We have contacted Union Bank to apply and have been put on the list they will contact us to start the process. (Feb 15- June 30). 

    Loan Details and Forgiveness

    The loan will be fully forgiven if the funds are used for payroll costs, interest on mortgages, rent, and utilities (due to likely high subscription, at least 75% of the forgiven amount must have been used for payroll). Loan payments will also be deferred for six months. No collateral or personal guarantees are required. Neither the government nor lenders will charge small businesses any fees.

    Forgiveness is based on the employer maintaining or quickly rehiring employees and maintaining salary levels.  Forgiveness will be reduced if full-time headcount declines, or if salaries and wages decrease.

    This loan has a maturity of 2 years and an interest rate of 1%.

    • Economic Injury Disaster Loans
    Program Description

    The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) disaster loans are the primary form of Federal assistance for the repair and rebuilding of non-farm, private sector disaster losses. The disaster loan program is the only form of SBA assistance not limited to small businesses.

    The Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) can provide up to $2 million of financial assistance (actual loan amounts are based on amount of economic injury) to small businesses or private, non-profit organizations that suffer substantial economic injury as a result of the declared disaster, regardless of whether the applicant sustained physical damage.

    An EIDL can help you meet necessary financial obligations that your business or private, non-profit organization could have met had the disaster not occurred. It provides relief from economic injury caused directly by the disaster and permits you to maintain a reasonable working capital position during the period affected by the disaster. EIDLs do not replace lost sales or revenue.

    General Program Requirements

    To be eligible for EIDL assistance, small businesses or private non-profit organizations must have sustained economic injury and be located in a disaster declared county or contiguous county.

    Loan Terms

    The SBA can provide up to $2 million in disaster assistance to a business. The $2 million loan cap includes both physical disaster loans and EIDLs. There are no upfront fees or early payment penalties charged by SBA. The repayment term will be determined by your ability to repay the loan.

    CGC is moving forward with these opportunities – they are first come-first serve.  It’s a capped fund and likelihood of being approved is small.

    • Memberships
    • We will not be issuing any refunds for any 2020 memberships; we are not in position to be giving back any money.
    • Extend the early bird membership rates; If someone paid the higher membership rate after 12/1/2019 we would offer them a $100 club house credit to be used in the pro shop or the Veranda.
    • 42 members have not rejoined from last year (4 were new members last year).  Brant analyzed the numbers and figured that offering the early bird rates to encourage these members to rejoin result in significant profit even less the club house credit.
    • Golf course operations
    • Currently closed due to guidelines issued from the State of Vermont.
      • Maintenance, however, is allowed to take place.  
    • Brant has been receiving phone calls asking if they could go hit balls etc.
      • Many people have been asking if they can go out there and have been.
      • Brant will send an email to the membership regarding the need to close off the driveway to the course.  Until further notice the property is going to be closed referencing safety and need to respond responsibly to the rules and regulations for social distancing and ‘stay home.’  Karen will write up this letter for Brant to send out including updates about status of course, course opening, and need to close off access. 
    • All events planned in May have been canceled but offered to consider the fall to reschedule. The first event is the Hickory Tournament June 13th.  If we are up and running as early as June 1, we could potentially have the Member-Member to start off.
    • Golf Superintendents have petitioned to the governor about status and opening of golf courses.  While there is a heavy push and a lot advocacy to open golf courses, the state has maintained that courses can only allow for “maintenance.”
    • Insurance proposal – Dave and Glen (Stowe Insurance) will connect to discuss what these items are so that the Board can
    • Review quote and compare to 2019 rates
    • Directors and Liability coverage was discussed previously to be dropped.  Board discussed this again.  
    • Inspection and Retail fee $85.00?
    • Employment Practices Liability?  Board members were not sure what this is. 

    See next page for comparison 2019 versus 2020

    Copley Golf Club Insurance
          2019 2020  % of increase
    Commercial Liability     $6,855.00 $6,960.00 1.53%
    * Workers Compensation     $2,200.00 $2,200.00 0.00%
    Liquior Liability     $960.00 $1,034.00 7.71%
    Directors and Officers Liability     $0.00 $1,500.00 #DIV/0!
    Employment Practices Liability     $0.00 $2,598.00 #DIV/0!
    Agent Fee     $0.00 $85.00 #DIV/0!
        Total $10,015.00 $14,377.00 43.55%
        Variance   $4,362.00  
    *= Assumes the same as 2019 currently being calculated
    • Web site / POS system
    • We need to have the ability to accept online payments, even more so now under the current circumstances and going forward.
    • Brant has been talking with other companies along with our current provider to see what is available and would cost. Brant to provide update.
      • We are eligible for GolfNow’s 2.9% flat fee for online transactions.
      • Brant also presented 2 options for retail.
      • Will continue with standalone terminals in the golf shop when it opens. 
      • Having both will allow more flexibility.
      • Last year transaction fees were approximately 2.65%. 
      • We need to think of someone who would be able to help us update, maintain and provide support with our website. 
    • Copley Golf Club Junior league 2020
    • Brant spoke with Shelia who is very interested in this still.  Dave will be also supporting this with her. 
    • Youth clubs can be purchased through the club.
    • Ages likely 12 and under. 
    • Alyssa will look into considering summer programs (i.e. Rec and alternative programs that run during the summer) to offer opportunities at Copley.
    • Grounds & Equipment
    • Items or concerns for 2020 season:  Roller was bid on, but did not get it.  No other changes since COVID-19. 
    • Staffing
    • Bar & Grill – Tabled for now.
    • Items or concerns for 2020 season
    • Staffing
    1. Web site
    2. It is imperative we find someone who has the time and skill set to keep our Web site up to date. (noted above)
    3. Verizon cell tower
    4. A great revenue source. 
    5. They will be cleaning up when they can.  Brant will find out their timeframe and outlook. 
    1. Long term business plan
    2. Review/ Update
    3. Solar panel quote shared with the board.  Tabled for now, but available for reference.
    1. New business
    2. Deck furniture for 2020 season (tabled for now)
    3. Todd will call Morrisville Water and Light to turn things back on 20th
    4. New member asking about the locker room. 
    1. Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting May 5th @ 5:30, at Copley (hopefully)

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    May 5, 2020
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Cricket Bailey, Brant Slayton, Karen Autorino, Alysa Barnes, Dave McAllister, Dave Earle.


    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Review current financials:  Brant shared current financials.  Total approx. $29,800 after payroll this week.
    • Paycheck Protection Program: We were approved for the loan $62K to be used for payroll. Brant updated board on this:
      • If Copley does not use 75% of it within 8 weeks (May 8 – July 3) we are obligated to pay back at 1% over 2 years. 
      • Brant feels we should take the chance to use it and look at it as an advance like the Verizon funds. 
      • Our budget does bring us to the 75% of the loan in payroll expenses.  Board discussed using the money in full (if there is any left over, use it to pay any current outstanding loan balances ($24k total) at 1%, then pay back on the loan after 6 mo. forbearance.
      • Dave and Brant will work together about maximizing the funds and budgeting to best use this loan and what else to include.
      • TJ Motioned was made to take the paycheck loan, Karen seconded: all board members were in favor.
      • Brant will have the papers signed to close on this loan by the end of the week. 
    • Covid19
    • Governor Scott will be holding press conference tomorrow @ 11:00AM we are hoping he is going to allow golf to begin under restrictions. Brant has been working towards getting ready in the event this happens.

    An SBA loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

    We are applying for this loan which needs to be done through your bank that manages your deposit accounts, seasonal business can apply. ALL banks are

    General Program Requirements

    To be eligible for EIDL assistance, small businesses or private non-profit organizations must have sustained economic injury and be located in a disaster declared county or contiguous county.

    Loan Terms

    The SBA can provide up to $2 million in disaster assistance to a business. The $2 million loan cap includes both physical disaster loans and EIDLs. There are no upfront fees or early payment penalties charged by SBA. The repayment term will be determined by your ability to repay the loan.

    • Line of Credit
    • Todd shared the line of credit ($15k) from Community Bank for emergency funds. 
    • Memberships
    • We have received 5 new memberships with our reduced rate. Total membership is now over 100 members.  Others are waiting to hear what the plan is with golf this summer. 
    • Board discussed the extended early bird rates should be given a deadline once the ‘clear to golf’ is given. 
    • Brant proposed a $299 add on Copley rate if a member at another course.  
    • Extend the early bird membership rates; If someone paid the higher membership rate after 12/1/2019 we would offer them a $100 club house credit to be used in the pro shop or the Veranda. It is my opinion that we deal with these types of requests individually and not publicly announce the policy.
    • Sponsorships
      • Brant will contact sponsors about continuing membership this year.
    • Golf course operations
    • Currently closed due to guidelines issued from the State of Vermont.
    • Insurance proposal
    • Dave signed liquor license. 
    • Dave shared details about DNO insurance – liability and employment coverage for individual members of the board and Brant.  He recommended this as a precaution and protection. 
    • Todd will include this for the board.  It will cost $1500.
    • Web site / POS system
    • We can now accept online payments.  It is working well and allowed people to purchase memberships. There is now an online store.  Brant has worked with GolfNow and reports it has been working well.
    • 15-minute spacing between tee times is available to be booked and paid online.  Members will be able to log in with a password. 
    • Copley Golf Club Junior league 2020
      • Tabled for now
    • Grounds & Equipment
    • Roller was refused.  It was not what what was advertised.  Items or concerns for 2020 season
    • Bar & Grill
    • Staffing; We currently do not have a cook/chef for the 2020 season.
    • Brant shared optimism for the staffing and situation that we have currently.
    • Advertisements
      • Pending outcomes and allowances from the Governor, we will try to utilize Facebook, FPF, and Jump On It!
    • Carts
      • Board discussed rates of carts and awareness that given restrictions.  Carts are paid per person, but one cart per person is likely.
    1. Verizon cell tower
    2. None.
    1. Long term business plan
      1. Solar Power – Todd got a quote.  It is substantial and will be further considered as rates and information is returned to Todd.
    1. New business
    2. Tabled.
    1. Meeting adjourned
      1. Next meeting: Tuesday June 2nd@ 5:30 at the Clubhouse (hopefully).

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    June 9, 2020
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Cricket Bailey, Brant Slayton, Karen Autorino, Alysa Barnes, Dave McAllister.

    Absent: Dave McAllister

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Review current financials.
      1. Board approved financials. 
    • Covid19
    • SBA Loan
    • We have applied for $74,000.00, but denied.  Todd filed an appeal.  Will be updated as the appeal is determined.
    • Plan is to pay off all existing loans / line of credit
    • Board further discussed how to prioritize needs with actual estimates:
    • Heat/Cooling pump for club house
    • Hybrid hot water heater
    • Deck furniture
    • Safety net for corner of deck, provide safety from arrant t-shots off # 7 tee, which will allow more seating.
    • PPE Loan update as of June 4, 2020
      • The legislation, which passed the House with one “nay” vote and the Senate by unanimous consent, extends the amount of time borrowers have to use PPP funds from eight weeks to 24. It also extends the deadline to rehire laid-off and furloughed employees and still qualify for loan forgiveness from June 30 to Dec. 31.
      • The bill reduces from 75% to 60% the amount of PPP money that must be spent on payroll expenses for the loan to be forgiven completely. The remainder can be used for rent, utilities and mortgage payments.  The bill also gives borrowers five years to repay the loan instead of two years.
      • Board discussed the combination of the use of an SBA loan, the PPP funds, greens fees and memberships, and potentially access to the Copley fund.  Copley Golf club is in a great position to have liquid funds and minimal loan debt. 
    • Review 2020 events / Tournament
    • Board discussed a revised schedule and what events do hope to sill have under the current restrictions.
    • Copley Scramble is still a ‘go.’
      • Brant is working to find carts for it – there is minimal availability as a result of COVID restrictions with riding.
      • Proposing 2 shot gun times with 80 players.       
    • Private Bridal shower (July)
    • Pending authorization of shot gun starts – i.e. Member-Member, Club Championship
    • A Father’s Day promotion will be announced
    • Copley Golf Club Junior league 2020
    • Sheila is ready to go.
    • Start date: July 6 through August.
    • Kids tees will be set up for this.  Ages 8-15.
    • Once we have a schedule should we put out a posting on FPF asking kids to sign up to gage the participation?
    • Board discussed options for sign-up through GolfNow?  Brant will check with support to do that.
    • Grounds & Equipment
    • New fairway mower has been working great. 
    • Bar & Grill
    • Board discussed utilizing Copley Fund or SBA loan to fund a new freezer.  Also will seek advice from Dick Carpenter about potential for extending a portion of the clubhouse to allow for extending a space for this.
    • 2020 Membership update
    • 162 current members versus last year (approx. 135). 
    • Average rounds approximately 70/day.
    • Web site
    • Cannot make tee times on an iPhone, but can on a computer or iPad.  GolfNow needs to be contacted about this. 
    1. Verizon cell tower
    2. Paid to date.
    1. Long term business plan
    2. See above loans, leagues, etc.
    1. New business
    2. Copley Fund hasn’t been touched.  Applying for funds would be towards the building and upgrades.  Todd will follow up with Dick Sargent who manages this.
    3. Copley will offer Peoples Academy graduates a free round of golf for their graduation.  This will be announced on Front Porch Forum (Karen), and direct to the principal of PA, Phil Grant (Alyssa).
    1. Meeting adjourned.
      1. Next Meeting July 7th @ 4 (tee times for board, meeting after)

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    July 7, 2020
    4:00 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Brant Slayton, Karen Autorino, Todd Thomas, Dave McAllister and Dave Earle.

    Absent: Alyssa Barnes and Cricket Bailey

    Guest: Barb Lacasse

    • Review current financials:
      • Barb Lacasse, our bookkeeper joined us for the meeting.
      • We are $16 K ahead of where we were last year at the end of June.
      • Barb reported the Paycheck Protection Program loan will remain on the balance sheet as a liability ($60 K) until it is forgiven.
    • Covid19
    • SBA Loan: status we were denied on our first application.
      • Todd reported he received no response yet on the appeal.
    • Economic Recovery Grants administered by ACCD
      • An eligible business will be a nonpublic, private organization that:
        • Is domiciled or has its primary place of business in Vermont
        • Has one or more non-owner employees in Vermont, with the exception that Women- and Minority-Owned businesses with zero employees are eligible for grants through ACCD.
        • Was open and active before February 15, 2020
        • Is open at the time of application or is required to have closed due to COVID-19 restrictions but can certify to its intention to re-open when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
        • Is not a business or organization, nor a subsidiary of a business or organization, nor owned by a business or organization, that reported more than $20,000,000 in total revenue.
        • Has experienced a 50% or greater drop in total revenue in anyone-month period from March 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, when compared with the same month in 2019.
          • Unfortunately, we are not eligible based on these criteria; our revenue numbers were increased from last year.
        • Is not currently in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
        • Is in good standing with the Vermont Department of Taxes.
        • Is in good standing with the Vermont Secretary of State.
        • Has not received a Vermont Emergency Economic Recovery Grant from another State of Vermont Agency or Department.
      • The following businesses and nonprofits are able now to apply for Economic Recovery Grants:
        • If you are a business that is primarily a Restaurant, Bar, or Lodging Property that collects the Rooms and Meals Tax, or a Retail, Entertainment or Recreation Operation that collects the Sales and Use Tax and report to the Vermont Department of Taxes on a monthly or quarterly basis, you should apply for a grant with the Department of Taxes.
          EXAMPLES: restaurant, bar, hotel, inn, retail store, online retail, golf course, movie theater
    • Review 2020 events / Tournament
    • Revised schedule and what events do hope to sill have under the current restrictions.
      • July 11th—Copley Hospital Tournament; 72 people signed up, $3600 for the course before the bar sales.
      • July 18th—Ladies Invitational Tournament
      • Plan to have Paige Cup tournament
      • Will schedule the Member/Member, Member/Guest, and Club Championship.
      • In September, Brant reported there is a Labor Tournament, Green Mountain Council Tournament.
      • In October, Norwich Alumni event.
    • Copley Golf Club Junior league 2020
    • Update Dave McAllister
      • Dave reported we had a solid turnout on the first night; 27 youth.
      • Karen will advertise for donation of clubs on Front Page Forum.
      • Dave will reach out to Andrew Martin to do a story in the local paper.
      • Dave gave credit to Sheila Darrah for her efforts in organizing the youth league and all the volunteers who showed up to marshal youth around the course and help with instruction.
      • Youth league will continue each Monday evening through August.
    • Grounds
    • Limbs—there are several limbs hanging over cart paths that need to be cut;
      • Brant reported he needed more help on the course in order to attend to these issues.
      • Brant said there is a large maple tree off the first green that is dead and needs to be removed; Dave suggested we call Joe LaRock.
    • Sand traps—members have complained about the conditions of the traps; need to prioritize this project for next year.
    • Markers—Brant said he didn’t place 100-yard marker poles because they were too much of an issue to mow around.
    • Cart signs & Cart paths—placing cart signs out was another object to mow around; cart paths are not a priority.
    • Stumps, Brant has a quote to have them ground; $1,050 for 13 stumps; board approved proceeding.
    • Back tee box on # 9—closed until leveled.
    • Trash cans—will place some trash cans out on the course to help with trash.
    • Encouraged Brant to advertise for additional part-time help on the course.
    • Bar & Grill
    • Staffing
      • Matt will be returning to work tomorrow.
      • Interviewed Mike Holmes—will follow-up and offer him a position cooking.
      • Brant praised Cindy’s efforts and work ethic—everyone acknowledged a token of appreciation for Cindy was needed.
    • 2020 Membership update
    • 173 members in 2020, versus 135 in 2019.
      • The increase is mostly intermediate memberships, under 35.
    • Play is up over 140 rounds thus far.
    • Online tee times have been great—positive feedback from many people.
    1. Web site
    2. Brant said the website has been updated.
    1. Role of the board members (Dave McAllister)
      1. Tournament Committee—Dave McAllister and Dave Earle volunteered to help Brant with tournament planning for men’s events.
      1. Discussion focused on other areas of operations having board members involved in oversight and support; grounds, club house, etc.
      1. Karen suggested we put a picture of the board with their names, encouraging members to contact board members with concerns and feedback.
    1. Long term business plan
    2. Club House—Heat/AC pump; Brant will reach out to Efficiency Vermont for rebates.
      1. Dick Sargent encouraged us to write a letter to the Copley Fund with our intent, requesting funding for the installation to improve the Club House.
        1. The letter should be addressed to Dan Lindly, Select Board, Gloria Wing, and Dick Sargent.
      1. The project must be located in the village and benefit the town.
    1. New business
    2. Todd recommended we issue corporate passes to Morrisville Water & Light to help improve relationship between the club and the town.
      1. Motion was made by Todd;
      1. Second by Dave McAllister;
      1. Board agreed it needed to include restrictions for league play and tournaments.
      1. Approved by the group.
    3. Todd recommended we pay the amount due the town from our Verizon money this month ($2400) since our cash position was strong; board agreed.
    4. Todd mentioned the Town Administrator, Dan Lindly is retiring this year—we should approach the town again after his retirement about paving the road.
    5. Brant reported the Vermont Department of Health called with a survey about how operations were going.
    1. Meeting adjourned at 5:36 PM.
      1. Next meeting scheduled for August 4th; the board will meet at 4:00 and play golf then meet after at 5:30 PM.

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes notes
    August 18, 2020
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Cricket Bailey, Karen Autorino, Alyssa Barnes, Todd Thomas, Dave McAllister and Dave Earle.

    Absent: Brant Slayton (will call in)

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Review current financials
      1. $64k profit to date (includes $60k PPE money).
      1. Nov 8th the PPE funds will be determined by the state whether it is a “grant” (does not have to be paid back) or “loan” (needs to be paid back).
    2. Discuss / vote on paying off some of our old equipment loans
      1. Payoff North Country balance $2658 (trap machine) @ 3.5%
      1. Community National equipment loan (greens mower) @ 6.5%, $6998 (matures 10/21)
      1. Todd motioned asking Barb to pay off these loans by the end of the week as to stop paying interest on these.  All members voted in favor.
        1. Copley has access to a large line of credit should it be needed in an emergency.
    3. Covid19
    4. Updates:  Brant has been working hard to stay vigilant on employee mask wearing. 
    • Review 2020 events / Tournament
    • Revised schedule and what events do hope to sill have under the current restrictions.  Brant will update the website with upcoming events.
      • 9/12-9/13 member-guest
      • 9/14 outing
      • 9/19 outing
      • 9/20 annual meeting @ 3pm
      • 9/27 member-member
    • Copley Golf Club Junior league 2020
    • Continues to be very successful and a lot of fun for staff.
    • Grounds
    • Brant to give update
      • EZ lifts have been damaged.  Brant will be putting the pool noodles in place of these as we still do not feel comfortable with
    • Stumps have been dug and ground up. Brant recommends putting more trees into the budget for next year.  Board discussed different species moving forward.  Todd is looking to get funded for new tress yearly from the village.
    • Bar & Grill
    • Deck furniture
      • Karen reports finding stackable heavy-duty chairs (needs 60 chairs @ approx. $35 each) that can be used in and outdoors.  Also has ideas from same designer about bar layout options also. 
      • Todd motioned to buy 4 chairs so we can see them and decide whether to move forward with a larger purchase.  Brant will order these with Melissa.
    • Board discussed larger changes and renovations to the clubhouse.  A plan with changes to HVAC and to include Efficiency VT should be made and submitted to the Copley Trust.  Karen will go to Bournes to seek an estimate for mini-split heat pumps and cooling systems. 
    • Staffing

    No new updates.

    • 2020 Membership update
    • No new updates.
    • Web site
    • No new updates.
    1. Long term business plan
    2. No new updates.
    1. Annual Meeting
    2. September 20th @ 5pm.  Plan to offer in-person and via Zoom.
    3. TJ’s term is up!  Will be nominating committee members.
    1. Meeting adjourned.
      1. Next meeting 9/15 @ 5:30.

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    September 15, 2020

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Cricket Bailey, Karen Autorino, Alyssa Barnes, Todd Thomas, Brant Slayton and Dave Earle.

    Absent: Dave McAllister (will call in)

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Review current financials
      1. Approximately $50,000 profit to date
      1. Questions under review include line items under Misc. expenses, significant decrease in utilities, F&B.  These items will need to be updated prior to the Annual Meeting. 
      1. Overall this season purchased a stump grinder, fairway mower, and paid off two loans.
      1. Board reviewed some components of the F&B.
      1. Brant and Todd will be meeting with Barb prior to the Annual Meeting.
      1. TJ motioned to approve the financials; all members were in favor.
    • Covid19
      • Updates – no updates or changes since last meeting. 
      • PPE grant filing will be processed.
    • Review 2020 events / Tournament
      • Sunday September 20th……Howard A Manosh Golf Tournament in support of Green Mountain Council – approximately 45 players
      • Sunday September 27th……Member/Member
      • Monday September 28th……. Greens Aeration
      • Sunday, October 11th…….Green’s Keeper’s Revenge
    • Copley Golf Club Junior league 2020
      • Plan for 2021 season
      • Dave and Shelia will discuss continuation of this program.
    • Grounds
      • Brant to give update
        • Aerification next week, seeding (4 and spots on others as needed).
        • Irrigation and stripping down and leveling 9th tee box.
        • Board discussed options for excavating companies to re-do the traps. The last time they were done approximately 1995.  Another option considered was buying new sand.  While there wouldn’t be labor available to do this during the fall, purchasing sand now to be used in the spring is an option.  If the PPE grant is approved and funds do not have to be returned, the board agrees to move forward to get quotes on sand for the bunkers (approximately $12k)
        • The dead maple tree next to the 1st green needs to be taken down.  Todd and Dave will reach out to their contacts to get quotes.
        • Potential driving range –  Todd spoke with the land owner of farm land off 9th tee.  Perhaps to lease?  Will continue to discuss.
    • Staffing for 2021 season
      • Brooke and Tyler are planning to return next year.
      • Melissa and Bonnie will not be returning next year. 
    • Bar & Grill
      • Deck furniture – The board agreed the sample chairs that were purchased were not worth purchasing more of.  Will reconsider other options.
    • 2021 Membership
    • Board determined rates for 2021 all prices include tax
      • $525 Early Bird  (prior to Dec 31)
      • $575 Regular
      • $425 New Member
      • $350 Intermediate (19-34)
      • $125 Junior
    • Website/Minutes
      • TJ will find the password for GolfNow to be able to upload minutes onto the website and share with Alyssa.
      • Alyssa will upload all meeting minutes onto the webpage after they are approved by the board.
    • Bylaws
    • Review Todd’s proposed bylaws change to be shared at the Annual Meeting.
      • Article II(5) – electronic communication
      • Article III(1) – update membership categories
      • Article IV(5) – nominating committees
      • Article IV(9) – meetings and annual meeting
    • Change name back to Copley Country Club versus Golf club?
    1. Todd’s future exchange student
      1. Todd purchased his current exchange student a membership, but she had to be deported due to COVID.  She was never able to come play.  The BOD were all in favor of allowing the membership that was paid for to be transferred to one of his  future exchange students.
    1. Survey of CGC priorities
      1. Dave will share a draft of questions to pose to the membership seeking input about priorities for future considerations.
    2. Annual Meeting Agenda
    3. Build agenda for meeting
      1. Approval of 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
      1. Review Financials
      1. 2021 Membership Rates
      1. Website
      1. Bylaw changes
      1. Audit Committee – 2019 Findings
      1. Election of BOD officers
      1. Schedule 2021 Annual Meeting

    Alyssa will set up a Zoom meeting for the meeting and will send this to Brant for distribution to members who would be interested in this method of participating.  Alyssa will also be attending and note-taking via Zoom.

    1. Equipment – Commercial double door fridge/freezer?  Brant knows of a place in Rutland that coupled with an Efficiency VT rebate would be reasonable.  Board discussed utilizing the Copley Fund for this (a 90 day hold on the funds).  Alyssa will also contract Thomas Hirchak for beer fridge and fridge/freezers? 
    1. Meeting adjourned – Next BOD following annual meeting.

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    October 14, 2020
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: Karen Autorion

    Attendees: Karen Autorino, Alyssa Barnes, Todd Thomas, TJ White, Brant Slayton and Dave Earle, Dave McAllister, Jeff Neagle


    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    Dave M. shared updates and thoughts about Junior League.

    • Overall, it was a huge success.  Everything that it was intended to accomplish was – getting young kids out and playing with adults/parents.
    • Some kids are ready for more instruction, while others are just getting out.
    • Board would like to send out thank you cards to those adults who donated.
    • Next year sponsorship could include consider including CGC Junior League.
    • Next year the club could also include a family-style, buffet dinner.


    • Brant said the end of the year preparation has been going well. 
    • Maple tree by 1st green update: Brant and Todd have been in contact with two tree removal companies for quotes ($1575 – $1800).  Barrett’s will take the tree down and grind the stump for $1575.  Brant has waiting to hear from the executive director of the Copley Manor for permission to drop the tree on their property.
      • Dave McA. made a motion to utilize Barrett’s service.  All members were in favor.
    • 7th Hole Cut Through – Todd wondering if putting a fence along the 7th where people cut across from the parking lot.  Board discussed other options and regularity of people cutting though.
      • Todd made a motion for a sign to be ordered stating a warning when and if crossing the fairway.
    • Pins will remain in until 10/30 if no snow


    • Despite losing some events, the bar and grill have done well this year.
    • Will be closing Sunday 10/19.


    • New rates are on the website and have been sent out via email.
    • Advertisement will be put on FPF closer to the holidays.
    • Dave E. expressed wanting to keep the Intermediate membership


    • Dave E. volunteered to be the liason with Verizon moving forward.
    • Board motioned to table requesting 2 new trees/shrubs from Verizon until Copley renegotiates the contract with Verizon at the 5 year mark.

    Club Name Conversion:

    • The Board previously discussed changing the name from Copley Golf Course to Copley Country Club. 
    • The Board considered logos with “Copley Country Club.” Karen will refine and edit the logo based on these ideas.

    Sand Trap Rejuvenation Project:

    • There are 27 bunkers here.
    • Brant estimated cost of $15,000 to re-line and put approximately 2 inches of new sand per bunker.
    • Board shared concerns about the return on the enormity of the investment to rejuvenate all the bunkers. 
    • Brant envisions getting some in the spring and later in the fall

    Clubhouse Upgrades via Copley Foundation:

    • Water heater = $4600
    • Mini-Split = $4800
    • Karen is going to get a quote from an electrician to ensure the proper outlets are in place for these new units and checking/updating outdoor plugs.  This will allow for an accurate total to share with the foundation.
    • In addition, Todd will write up the proposal and spreadsheet to also include a freezer, the electric, new dishwasher, and leveling the floor in the kitchen. 
    • Karen will be co-chair on this proposal.

    Marketing Plan:

    • This is important but should not be on Brant’s plate along with all his superintendent and management duties.
    • Jeff shared that he has experience with marketing ideas.  He will share ideas and a proposal in a following meeting.

    Next Meeting:

    • 2021 Budget Planning
    • November 17th @ 5:00 Location – Masonic Lodge (65 Portland St.)

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    November 17, 2020
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: Karen Autorino

    Attendees: TJ Whyte, Karen Autorino, Alyssa Barnes, Todd Thomas, Brant Slayton, Jeff Neagle, and Dave Earle


    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Jeffrey Holmes solar presentation – Todd Thomas will introduce
      1. Jeff referenced a proposal he put together in the spring for the club looking at the old pro-shop roof.
      1. Jeff explained the output of the solar installation would eliminate 4 out of the 6 months we operate. It would essentially eliminate one of the meters.
      1. It would generate 12,000 Kilowatts in the system; one meter is about 14,000.
      1. Karen believed after the replacement of the hot water heater in the club house it should reduce our electricity costs significantly.
      1. Jeff said the installation of the new panels would include $14,000 for the roof and another $25,000 for the solar (see the proposal letter Todd Thomas forwarded).
      1. The system is guaranteed useful life of 25 years. Could potentially perform closer to 30.
      1. There is a power purchase agreement that would have Jeff assume the costs of solar for 15-years. During that period, we would pay him our electricity costs at a 10% reduction of our current rates for the one meter for the clubhouse.
      1. We would still have to pay Morrisville Water & Light for the remaining meters.
      1. The board felt there was no financial advantage to adopting solar at this time. Investing in this project now would negatively impact our cash position and make us vulnerable.
      1. Brant said we needed to consider replacing the roof on the building soon; there are shingles falling off the building.
      1. We are hopeful by replacing the water heater and adding the heat pumps will gain efficiencies in the electricity costs anyway. These items are currently in the Copley Fund proposals.
    2. Review Financials
      1. There was a net income of $46,371.59 end of October.
      1. Brant reported the Copley Scramble, LCMHS Tournament, and a couple other      reunions and events are booked for next summer.
      1. We are in a strong cash position because of the PPP loan. Brant will submit the forgiveness application in the coming weeks.
      1. We are going to hold off filing for the PPP forgiveness until at least the spring.  The forgiveness amount is $50k and our loan is $60k.  There may be a change in the program that ups the forgiveness amount we’d like to wait and see if that comes to pass.  If we file before and have to pay back the $10k we won’t be able to refile if they up the forgiven amount.  It is not required to file until August 2021.
      1. Motion by TJ, second by Dave E., approved to accept the financial reports.
    3. Grounds:
    4. 5th Tee – Todd and Brant went to check the trees at the 5th.  There are pine trees that are an issue that need to be taken down.  Todd will inform Penny in the town that these trees will be taken down.
    5. Brant has closed up and winterized the club and course. 

    4)  Membership:

    1. Count of current memberships for upcoming 2021 season are still being compiled.
    2. Holiday promotions will be published to get more signed up.
    3. 2 Greens fees + cart for $50 and 5-play pass of 9-holes for $100 – these can be put on social media and Jump On It

    5) Copley Foundation Proposal:

    1. Karen shared an update on a proposal with several kitchen and clubhouse items that were discussed in previous meetings.  
    2. While there is no deadline, they will vote to approve the project and there is a 90-day hold on the funds being available. 
    3. Karen will develop a cover letter to include with the proposal.  Board members will receive and review this prior to submission.

    6) Jeff shared the marketing proposal he developed

    • Social media is key – frequency and variety of posts is key.
    • Suggests an Instagram and Facebook account to also target a younger demographic and audience.
    • Pictures can be shared via Dropbox or another determined fileshare service. Then the Social Media Manager (aka Jeff) will choose and upload them onto the Copley pages.
    • Board discussed the importance of members contributing to postings. 
    • TJ suggested creating a position for this at the club. 
    • Branding and quality is important to consider when choosing a person who will oversee the posts and pictures.
    • Jeff offered to do this initially.
    • Air BnB brings a lot of guest into the area.  This may be another demographic of people to consider marketing to.
    • Radio advertisement was also a great return and should be done again.
    •  Advertisement of CGC clubhouse for event space was discussed.  Jeff suggested FPF as a way to let the community know it is an available space.  Rental prices and use would need to be discussed further.
    • GolfNow (website) and email was discussed about accessibility for members and non-members to make tee times and get information.  Jeff will take a look at it when he gets the log-in information.
    • Important to have a budget and sense of what this may entail.  The Board feels this is important and would like to continue to pursue enhancing this area.

    7) Next meeting in December – 15th @ 5:00

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Minutes
    December 15, 2020
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: Karen Autorino

    Attendees: Karen Autorino, Alyssa Barnes, Todd Thomas, TJ White, Brant Slayton and Dave Earle, Dave McAllister, Jeff Neagle

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1) Review Financials

    – Board reviewed the financials from November.  

    – In reflection, despite COVID, greens fees were up 19.2%

    – Board discussed the idea of adding a line on the budget for the potential income tax for the PPE funds that CGC will receive. Dave will follow up with whether this will be necessary or the implications of doing it/not.

    – Questions for Barb: What is being used as a fixed asset schedule?  How much is being considered for deprecation? Can this be reflected in our P&L?  Can the financials be sent sooner so the board can review more in advance to our meeting?

    – Dave will ask Barb to attend our next meeting to answer some of these questions.

    – Brant has incorporated the new bunker sand into the grounds maintenance line in the budget.  He wants to see how this impacts the bunkers and how they play.  He can then decide what to do and what additional expenses (purchasing more sand or other options) should be considered for the next season.

    – Dave motioned to approve financials.  All members were in favor.

    2) Grounds

    – All is quiet on the grounds with no snow!

    3) Membership- Holiday offers

    • Brant reports memberships and specials have amounted to nearly $9,000.
    • Todd also has more membership applications to process.
    • Karen will post on FPF in Morrisville so Brant can get any final gift specials in the mail before the holiday.

    4) Copley Trust Proposal Update

    –   Karen submitted a proposal to the Copley Trust.  Several items for the clubhouse and kitchen were requested – an estimated cost of $21k. 

    – Karen has an initial meeting scheduled on December 21st at 6:00 with the trust members.  Other board members will try to join the call also.

    5)  Bylaws Change – Todd processes a bylaw amendment to address the board’s access to the reserve fund – both deposits and withdrawals. Any withdrawals would need to be approved by members and need to be reimbursed prior to the annual meeting of that season.  This plan also includes depositing funds based on the club’s profits from that year and a target.

    – Todd will draft this written proposal and include definition for use of this reserve fund.

    – Todd motioned funding the reserve fund with $1000 this year.  All members were in favor. 

    6)  Marketing Plan – Karen proposed having a subcommittee work together to report back to the board (Jeff, Dave, and Karen).

    – The marketing budget was increased this year to support the development of this plan.

    – Jeff has a few dates in mind for when some of the components should be completed (i.e. Logo, Instagram account, website, etc.).

    7) Adjournment – next meeting January 19th @ 5:30 

  • 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

    September 21, 2019

    The meeting was called to order 3:00pm in the Copley Clubhouse.

    Present:           Dave McAllister, Todd Thomas, TJ Whyte, Tom Bjerke, Crickett Bailey, Alyssa Barnes

    Manager:         Brant Slayton

    22 CGC members in attendance

    Meeting called to order.

    All members unanimously approved the minutes from 2018 annual meeting.

    Review current financials:

    Food up 9.5%

    Golf shop sales up 6.1%

    Operating expenses have decreased 30%

    Members unanimously approved current financials

    2020 Membership rates

    Early bird rates prior to 12/1

    $499 + tax = $528

    Q: In case of death or inability to play, a refund is considered on a case by cas basis.

    Dr.’s notes have been used in the past.

    After 12/1

    $599 + tax

    Q: why have rates decreased?

    Based on current number of memberships, current rates of greens fees and state of club’s operations

    Income from these 2020 membership income will be posted in FY 2020; taxes paid FY 2021.


    Current rates have been posted on the website, which has been updated.

    Alyssa and Karen will be managing the website moving forward to also include the board meeting minutes.

    Member inquired about the use of Golf Genius. The board will be considering this for next year.

    Audit committee (Dr Coderre, Barbara Kiely, Polly Manosh):

    See committee report distributed. Committee had 3 meetings this year. Reviewed bylaws, financial statements.

    Discussed meeting minutes – to be made available on the website. Questioned the ability to send via email to membership. Email addresses obtained by the club currently may also include non-members.

    Cash tips: employees are currently paid minimum wage due to volume. Member clarified the need to have taxes paid on all tips beyond minimum wage.

    Policy for lifetime and yearly memberships should be developed and worded in the bylaws.

    Orientation process for new board members to include previous minutes, awareness of policies, bylaws, etc.

    Inventory if restaurant and bar is currently in place. Consistency and use of inventory and tracking of use of goods were discussed.

    A policy should be developed that the board creates a formal response to the audit committee.

    Bylaws were written that the board should “review and revise.” Board will discuss and edit (as needed) this wording.

    Welcomes guidance from the board.

    Verizon Update

    Planning and moving forward with the tower will begin at the end of Sept, 2019.

    Nominating committee (Tad) for new board members

    No members were found by nominating committee

    No members from the floor

    Brant will continue to put out emails to the rest of the membership if anyone is interested. Bylaws state that vacancies will be filled by current board member’s nomination.

    One member from the floor pending for the Audit committee

    Schedule 2020 annual meeting

    September 19, 2020 @ 5:00 in the CGC clubhouse

    Motion to adjourn @ 3:48

  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - 2019

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    September 16, 2019
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Tom Bjerke, Cricket Bailey, Brant Slayton, Alyssa Barnes, Karen Autorino

    Absent: Dave McAllister, Todd Thomas

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Review financials:
      1. Board discussed current state of operating expenses and income.  August was a good month overall for the club.  Current financial data provided by the bookkeeper do not yet reflect 2 utility bills. 
      1. Board members feel that the club’s operations have been handled well and is reflected in positive equity despite membership numbers.
      1. Board approved financials.
    2. Insurance:
      1. Todd suggested the board consider utilizing Glen Mink from Liberty Mutual for club insurance.  Board members questioned the difference between current insurance (NFP), which covers worker’s comp, commercial insurance, and liquor liability.  Karen will follow up with Todd to distinguish the differences between the two options and inform the board members online.
    3. Grounds:
      1. When Verizon begins construction in October, perhaps the work will also allow for some paving.
    4. 2020 Membership Proposal Discussion:
      1. New members $475 for completing this year and all of 2019-2020 season.
      1. Proposed intermediate membership (ages 18-34): $299 + tax
      1. New member $399 (not within 2 years) +tax
      1. Current members $499 early bird (to 12/1) + tax
      1. Current members $599 late + tax
      1. Junior (ages 13-17): $100 + tax (there are scholarships available)
      1. Current members who bring 2 new members earn a $50 credit to the shop/restaurant
      1. 10-play $195 + tax
      1. Payment plan available for regular membership ($599) where payments are due 12/1/19 and 04/01/20.
      1. Board approved 2020 membership proposals
    5.  Website status update:
      1. TJ will put new membership forms on the website.
    6. Verizon:
      1. Tom spoke with engineer’s agent.  Site walk will be in the end of September, which will be the beginning of the construction process. 
      1. Contract requires completion by March, 2020.
    7. Club updates:
      1. 2 Events occurred at Copley this month.  Will be shared at annual meeting.
    8. Meeting adjourned 6:39.

    Board went into executive section.

    Re-open meeting:

    1. Motion to reconvene meeting.
    2. Board recognized the excellent work and passion that Brant brings to Copley Golf Club.
    3. Board proposed offering a salary increase for next year (2020) for management of the course.
    4. The board recognizes components of what Brant does beyond grounds management.  The Board would like to support Brant to maintain current position, but delegate what he can as he has most knowledge and expertise of the club.
      1. Brant will inform the board of his decision once made.
    5. Adjourned 7:06

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    August 26, 2019

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Dave McAllister, Cricket Bailey, Brant Slayton, Alyssa Barnes, Karen Au.

    Absent: Tom Bjerke, Todd Thomas

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    July 29th minutes were distributed to be reviewed.  Casella will come in September to discuss the dumpster and Motioned to accept minutes; all were in favor.

    1. Current Financials – Todd not present.
    • Insurance – Todd not present at this time
    • Audit committee:
      • Barbara Kiely introduced herself and credentials to attend and be a part of audit process.  Presented the challenges with conducting an audit. Barbara shared a packet, “A Reference Guide for CGC Audit Committee Objectives” highlighting:
    • Confirmed that CGC falls under a non-profit organization.
    • Website is not yet up to date, USGA requires this.
    • Bylaws state a 3-year audit and appointment of a committee.
    • Reviewed the components of the financial audit and operational audit.
      • It is clear that the audit process requires a significant amount of time.  There is a need for volunteers (current members) to support the club in this process.  If members are able and qualified to help, it would be helpful. 
      • It was recommended that there be a nomination committee to search for people willing to do the audit. 
      • Remaining on the audit committee is Dr. Codderre and Polly Manosh.  Prudy has resigned from this committee.
        • Discussed the potential for hiring someone to do this, however, CGC has minimal funds to do this.
      • Barbara proposed appointing Barbra to head the audit with pay. She would be in charge and seek volunteers to support this process.   If she were to become paid by CGC to do this, it would need to be updated into the bylaws at the next annual meeting.
        • Would be included in the 2020 budget as developed after the 2019 season ends.
      • The audit would begin in May, 2020.  There is not enough time left to conduct a 2019 audit.
      • Defining non-profit vs. Tax exempt was discussed and clarified. 
    • 2020 Membership rates discussed.  Board discussed reducing rates and idea of a promo to match other clubs.  Would be considered and determined – $500?  Will be discussed further at the next meeting.
    • Website – Needs to be updated and revised.  It was set up for this season, but a reset from the server defaulted it back to the 2018/2019 season. Board members discussed the need to have someone appointed to manage it regularly. 
    • Next meeting: September 16, 2019 @ 5:30 at CGC

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    June 24, 2019
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Dave McAllister, Cricket Bailey, Brant Slayton, Tom Bjerke.

    Absent: Karen Autorino, Alysa Barnes and Todd Thomas.

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Review current financials
    2. June is shaping up to be a good month so far.
    3. Brant reported the Morrisville Soccer Club tournament, early in June helped with cash flow.
    4. PA Alumni banquet the first weekend helped with money;
    5. We are enrolled in Golf Buzz, Jump On It, Groupon, etc. for promotion;
    6. Greens Fees are up this month;
    7. May financials were down 15% from last year in revenue;
      1. 11% of that was lack of memberships;
    8. Payroll is $10,500 to $11,500 every two weeks;
    9. Trend is leading to more Green Fees than last year;
      1. Brant attributes this to being wet early;
    10. Optimistic about the 4th of July weekend;
    11. Motion by Dave McAllister, second by Crickett, board approved May Financials;
    12. Membership update for 2019
    13.  #’s versus last year
    14. Brant reported we had 175 in 2018, are currently at 139 in 2019;
    • 2019 Sponsorship program
    • Review list of 2019 sponsors.
    • Cricket reported she was working on her list (Smuggs, Johnson Farm & Garden, etc.)
    • Brant reported we were about the same as 2018, $4100.
    • Web site
    • Status / Update
    • Brant fixed the issue brought up in the email trail;
    • Brant reported the 2019 event schedule was erased in the process of the company fixing our concerns;
    • TJ will load the 2019 event schedule again, when Brant sends it to him;
    • Brant reported several online bookings;
    • Brant is working with them on some confusion with Golf Now booking conflicting tee times;
    • Grounds & Equipment
    • Status of equipment: planning for the 2019 season
      • Carts are in good shape;
      • Brant reported we only have basic and general maintenance needs;
    • Ground/Course improvement projects for 2019
    • MTE for greens mower: delivered, status of maintenance needed included in purchase.
      • Brant reported the mower is awesome!
      • Due to some issues with delivery, they refunded us $1000 and will send us the hydraulic hoses needed;
      • We use the old greens mower to cut tees;
    • Verizon cell tower
    • Updates to be provided by Tom Bjerke;
    • Tom reported he has not received a response from Verizon at this point;
    • Brant believed they are required to break ground this season and be completed by March of 2020, per the contract;
    • Long term business plan
    • Review/ Update
    • New business
    • 2019 booked events:
    • Post on the web site
    • Cricket reported being pleased with the new port-a-let companies-same price as before, better service;
    • Night Golf-July 12th;
    • Captain & Crew;
    • Ladies Invitational -July
    • Club Championship-July
    • Men’s Member Guest-August;
    • A few events in August as well;
    • Celebration of Life event;
    • Status of current board members: Need to be a club member to serve on the board.
      • Dave made a motion, seconded by Tom, TJ will send a reminder email to have her paid by July 1st, or else she will forfeit her seat on the board;
    1. Schedule next meeting
      1. July 22nd, 5:30 PM, at the Club House;
    2. Meeting adjourned

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    May 13, 2019
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Karen Autorino, Cricket Bailey, Alyssa Barnes, Brant Slayton, Todd Thomas.

    Absent: Dave McAllister

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Discussed process of approving and publishing minutes.  Board may approve minutes electronically.  Minutes are posted on website and outside of the clubhouse.  An email to the membership was discussed to be sent to indicate notes are up and when the next meeting is planned.
    • Review of finances.  Todd shared spreadsheets of this month’s financials.  The board discussed concern of finances and future outlook.  Board discussed current status of membership and weather-dependent issues.   The country club needs help to maintain and figure out ways to generate business.
      • Todd will post a FPF posting for 3-,5-, and 10-play card specials, Captain and Crew, and Leagues.  Alyssa will also send this to the FPF in Stowe.
      • Board will continue to work to fundraise and come up with ways that will generate business and revenue.
      • The board unanimously agreed to enter into a tractor loan with CNB (see also section 7).
      • Financials were approved and accepted unanimously.
    • Board discussed need to enhance awareness of our new chef and potentially send out a lunch menu to community for take out.  This will hopefully generate awareness and business.  Karen offered to distribute paper menus to local businesses once they become available.
    • Sponsorships – Copley needs to continue to attain more sponsorships.
      • Current sponsors include: Gregory, Rock Art, Stowe Realty, Donnie Blake, Stowe Rescue, Lamoille Valley Ford, and Community National Bank.
    • Website status update –
      • Checked GolfNow status online and via mobile access.  Both are up and ready to take tee times.
      • Brant will upload the 2019 season tournament schedule online.
    • League/event cost Review –
      • Early pay for 5 Captain and Crew nights – $10 discount
      • Ladies League – $20
    • Mower Loan –
      • Moving forward with the loan. The board unanimously approved the use of Community National Bank as the loan servicer for the new mower.  Todd and Brant will follow up with Heather on this to close and move forward.
    • Verizon Cell Tower update –
      • None at this time.
    • New Business –
      • Karen: A golf equipment/cub swap? Board discussed potentials around a swap – will it generate more work than revenue?
      • Season cart lease?  $500 + tax/season; no tournament date guarantee.  Sign on before June 1st
      • Porch chairs – negative feedback about the chairs.    Members suggested a fundraiser for new chairs.  Board approved this idea if the members who suggested this run the fundraiser.
    1. Next board meeting: 5:00 June 10th @ Copley Country Club clubhouse.

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    April 15, 2019

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Karen Autorino, Alyssa Barnes, Brant Slayton, Todd Thomas, Dave  McAliister, Tom Bjerke.

    Absent: Cricket Bailey

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Jake (VT Processing): CC pricing model explanation
      1. Explained CC processing: Interchange (Visa, MC, Ds, Amex) – percentage based on dollar (varies based on card)
      1. VT Processing Interchange Percentage Plus: Basis Pts (12 bps) + swipe rate ($0.10)
      1. Given last year’s CC @ $35k, VT Processing vs. Union Bank could save est. $1500.
      1. Jake provided options and information about processors (BAMS & HarborTouch) customer service and pricing of equipment. 
      1. Signing on with VT Processing would be a 3-year contract.
      1. Jake will follow-up with BAMS about a seasonal option.
    • Veranda: Steve McFarland
      • Shared his thoughts on making a few upgrades to the current menu.  Would also like to be able to offer some changes daily specials. 
      • Brant will coordinate dates, distributors, etc. with Steve.
      • Will be available to begin May 7.
    • Discussion revisiting VT Processing vs Square.  Upfront costs are the same. 
    1. Motion to abandon Union Bank for credit card processing was made.  Board all approved this motion.
      1. Motion to utilize VT Processing provided he provides in writing details pertaining to seasonal contract, waiving early termination fee, warranty on terminal, total yearly fees. If all are completed satisfactory to Brant, the Board approved to utilize VT Processing. 
    • Cricket printed 2019 Sponsorship Program handouts.  She approached Boyden Winery and other local businesses with this successfully.  Brant has contacted and got sponsorships from RK Miles, RockArt, Lamoille Valley Ford, Lamoille rescue, Gregory construction, Donnie Blake. 
    • Membership numbers are down by approximately 20 people.  Discussed one difference being the lack of a refund option.  Given this, Brant suggested 9-hole rate $25; 18-hole rate $35.  Do we keep membership the same, or move it up to $650? Board agreed to extend the current rate May 1. 
    •  Website update: Brant and TJ spoke with GolfNow rep.  Once the clubhouse is reopened, they can have a customer service rep help with finessing the webpage.  Guests will be able to sign up for tee times and pay online. 
    • Fling golf could be an event that could bring additional revenue to the club.  This is an alternative to get more people involved and up to the course.  Board encouraged Brant to move forward with a couple sticks to see how it goes.
    • Grounds and equipment: Brant got an estimate on a 2012 green’s mower as discussed in the fall.  $11,500 with all components and completely tuned.  Financing option for 5-years. Motion to purchase the mower was made and approved. 
    • Verizon cell tower update: commencement date will be first date after lessee starts construction.  First payment install must be made within 90 days of commencement date; then monthly installments. Date to start construction has not yet been determined – likely May.
    1. New Business:
    1. Jay Cooke proposal – would like to have a couple of non-member students pay greens fees and allow him to walk and coach at CCC.  Non-members pay greens fee; Jay will pay a greens fee.
      1. Groupon – is live.  Brant will put it out on Facebook. 
      1. We will also advertise on JumpOn It!  (Buy one get one – 2 greens fees, 18 holes and cart full price $90; deal for $45). 
      1. Staffing – clean-up will start next week.  Brant is finalizing staffing for one full-time grounds crew person.  Full pro-shop staff returning.  He also has another lead on a bartender/waitstaff and part-time cook. 
      1. Brant is finalizing event dates.
    1. Next meeting: Monday, May 13 @ CCC; 5:30.

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    March 4, 2019
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Dave McAllister, Karen Autorino, Cricket Bailey, Alyssa Barnes, Brant Slayton.

    Absent: Brant Slayton

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. Review current financials
    • Membership update for 2019
    •  #’s versus last year
    • Email blast to members with current promotions
    • 2019 Sponsorship program
    • Review list assign individuals to contact business’s
    • Levels, $ amount, benefit
    • Send out mailing to previous sponsors
    • Web site
    • Status / Update
    • New account manager, conference call scheduled for 3/11/19 to discuss other services that may be available ( web pay, etc.) with TJ & Brant.
    • Veranda
    • Interview potential candidates at the April board meeting, Brant will be lining up individuals to interview.
    • Grounds & Equipment
    • Status of equipment: planning for the 2019 season
    • Ground/Course improvement projects for 2019
    • Verizon cell tower
    • Updates to be provided by Tom Bjerke;

    I’ve chatted with Verizon and they’ll be doing soil borings this week or next. (Any update)

    • Long term business plan
    • Review/ Update
    • New business
    • PA Boosters outing for the afternoon of June 1st (need cost per head, menu options, availability). They may play an evening scramble or something too.
    • New bill from MW&L for maintenance shop street light
    • Copley CC sign on the corner of Bridge and Portland, needs to be repaired if replaced
    • Groupon deal for the course
    • Legacy gift / Endowment program; Karen to provide
    1. Schedule next meeting
    1. Meeting adjourned

    Board of Directors & General Manager
    Meeting Agenda
    January 8, 2019
    5:30 PM

    Type of Meeting: Monthly BOD & GM

    Meeting Facilitator: TJ Whyte

    Attendees: Karen Autorino, Brant Slayton, Dave McAllister, Cricket Bailey

    Absent: Todd Thomas, Tom Bjerke, Alyssa Barnes

    Call to order Approval of minutes from last meeting

    A few edits were made to the minutes of the November 27 2018 meeting. Minutes were approved.

    Brant reported that the Mid-winter membership offers were put up on the web site

    We discussed increasing fees slightly to cover credit card processing fees because the majority of members pay via credit cards and these fees significantly impact the income from membership fees.

    Financial Report 

    The Board noticed that the water bills from last stood out ($4693) higher than previous years because of dry July and August. Diesel and gas prices were also higher.  TJ commented that CC fees were disproportional to income so it illustrates the need to revisit the card processing services and investigate ways to lower these costs

    Financial reports were approved 

    Brant presented the proposed budget for 2019 and it was approved by the Board

    Brant proposed adding Fling Golf as a offering.  Fling golf uses a fling stick to throw the ball to the green and then the stick can be used to put the ball.  Everyone agreed that it would be a nice addition for attracting younger people to the course.  Brant is going to contact the Fling Golf company to see if they have equipment available at special pricing for golf courses. (the fling club costs around $100 a piece)

    Board members were asked to come to next meeting with three businesses that are not currently on the sponsor list that they will approach for sponsorships

    TJ Brant and Karen will meet to review and refresh the web site.  They will ask see if Golf Now can facilitate Paypal payments.  If they do it would allow perspective members to apply and pay for membership entirely online instead of having to print out application and mail with payment.

    Todd’s report on Grounds and Insurance were approved by the Board

    Tom sent an update on Verizon.  They will begin soil boring samples within the next few weeks 

    Next meeting was scheduled for February 12.  Time and location TBD

  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - 2018

    Board of Directors Meeting 12 March 2018

    The meeting was called to order 5:30pm in the Town Offices on Portland Street.

    Present:  Tom Bjerke, Sheila Darrah, Scott Rossi, Todd Thomas, and TJ Whyte

    Absent:  Thomas Wawrzeniak 

    Manager: Brant Slayton


    The Board unanimously approved  its previous meeting minutes from January 8th.


    Sheila corrected her rough math from the previous meeting and said that it took approximately $1,500 per day for CGC to operate. Sheila said that the current account balances were as follows: $1,123 in the clubhouse account, $6,580 in the business account, $35,616 in the money-market account, and a carried balance of $4,545 drawn against the Union Bank Line of Credit.

    Old business

    1. Membership – Sheila said the club had 91 members for the season thus-far and she expected more members to join before the end of the month. It was not known who membership was tracking this year versus last year.
    2. Verizon cell tower lease – Todd said that the Village Trustee meeting on February 5th went we Ile added that the Trustees requested that village residents receive pricing discounts at the club verses non-village residents. He said that attending this Trustee meeting remedied the holdup with getting the Verizon cell tower lease signed, provid ed that the CGC Board sign an MOU with the Village that directed 2,400 of the annual cell tower lease monies to the Arny Wade or Special Projects Fund. Inregards to a question from Tom, Todd said that he confirmed with the Village GM that this $2,400 payment could be made in a lump-sum fashion every January instead of monthly. The CGC Board also agreed, after having carefully read the MOU, that the annual $2,400 payment would cease at the time when the Village no longer owned the underlying golf course land. Tom said that he wanted the CGC Board to submit for funding requests for relevant golf course improvements. The CGC voted to have Chairman TJ Whyte sign the MOU while asking Todd to include the above two points with Village staff as a signing statement.
    1. Efficiency upgrades – It was decided that CGC would work with Efficiency VT to make efficiency upgrades throughout the CGC Todd said that he would set up a meeting and ask the Village to change the lightbulb out to LED in the maintenance barn streetlight.

    New business

    1. Veranda Chef hiring – The Board conducted interviews for the open chef position the Veranda. It was unanimously decided to offer the position to Jason Bashaw of Morristown.
    1. Staffing for 2018 – The Board discussed staff for the upcoming seaso The pro-shop und restaurant sta(f is to remain relatively stable. Cindy will be working more this year. Brant said that he had hired Chris Camby (aka squirrel) to work fulltimc on the grounds crew staff. With Paul wanted to greatly reduce his hours from last year, the Board decided that Brant should try to hire someone to fill the role of Assistant Superintendent.
    2. Golf School staffing – With Jay Cooke’s departure, the Board discussed how to move forward with the golf Brno! said that he had a meeting with Chris Cleuwes on Friday. The Board was leaning towards asking Jay to come and remove the swing simulator, but had not made any final decisions yet.
    1. First Tee Program – The Board also discussed the First Tee It was decided that this initiative had been rolled out to the respective school PE teachers, but there was no plan how to get the kids up to the course.  The Board decided that the First Tee logo should be on the CGC website.
    1. Hole sponorships -The Board agreed to make minor changes to the hole sponsorship program ask sheets. Hole sponsors would be sought shortly.
    2. Trap machine – It was decided that CGC should buy a used trap The current trap machine was no longer functional. Brant was asked to provide a purchase recommendation at the next CGC meeting.

    It was decided that the next Copley GC Board meeting will be held al 5:30PM on April 9th in the Town Offices on Portland Street. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:45 P.M.

    Respectfully Submitted, Todd Thomas

    Board of Directors Meeting 22 January 2018

    The meeting was called to order 5:30pm in the Town Offices on Portland Street.

    Present: Tom Bjerke, Sheila Darrah,Scott Rossi,Todd Thomas, and TJ Whyte

    Absent: Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Manager: Brant Slayton


    The Board unanimously approved its previous meeting minutes from January 81


    Sheila said that after doing some rough math that it took approximately $1,400 for the golf club to operate. It was decided that a fuller look of the financials would take place at the next Board meeting.

    Old business

    1. Sheila said that a final inventory with costs for all food and beverage was received from Matt Reeve.
    2. Todd said that the Verizon was still waiting on cell-tower lease signatures from the Village Trustees. He added that the holdup for the Trustees signing was the Golf Club making a contribution to the Amy Wade Fund. The Board discussed what amount of the Verizon cell tower lease money should be directed to this fund. The Board also discussed that golf course improvements should be eligible for funding from the Amy Wade Fund. It was decided that the lease may already have an agreed upon Amy Wade contribution therein and that Tom Bjerke would attend the next Village Trustee meeting on February 5th to finalize the contribution amount and to ensure that the Trustees sign the Verizon lease that night.

    New business

    1. Sheila said that Jay Cooke had resigned from the Board and the Copley Golf School effective immediately because he accepted the head teaching position at the Country Club of Vermont in The Board voted to accept his resignation from each position effective immediately. It was also noted that Matt Reeve decided not to return to Copley to run the kitchen. It was agreed that Sheila would ensure that both Jay and Matt were removed as signatories for their respective roles at the golf course. Todd, given that his daily Morrisville accessibility, offered to replace Jay as an authorized signer . The Board unanimously agreed to this authorized signer change. Finally, as a result of the current Board president Jay Cooke resigning, Board reorganization was deemed  necessary. It was unanimously asreed that TJ Whyte should  be elevated to Chairman of Copley Golf Club.
    1. With Jay Cooke’s departure, the Board discussed how to move forward with the golf Scool. Scott said that the Board should be looking to make revenue from the golf school. Brant said that Jay offered to sell the club all the teaching tools currently in the golf school (simulator, putting green, etc.} for a total cost of $4,500. Brant said that the indoor putting green was of no value to club and he preferred to use that area for indoor winter equipment storage going forward. Sheila said she would bring Jay’s golf school contract to the next Board meeting. TJ and Todd said that they saw value in keeping the golf school and its equipment if they could find someone new to run the golf school. It was decided that the Board could not offer Jay anything for the teaching tools until they tried to find someone new to run the golf school. It was agreed that Todd would post a want-ad for a golf teacher for the school in Front Porch Forum. The Board also discussed the need for a new Board member given Jay’s resignation. Todd said that he would approach Tim Sargent about this opening.
    2. Similar to the open golf school position, it was agreed that a want-ad would be placed in Front Porch Forum for a seasonal kitchen Todd said that the posting would ask for a resume and a letter of introduction/interest. The dates of employment would be from May 1st to October 15th. It was discussed that Matt was paid approximately $900 a week, but that pay for his replacement would be commiserate with experience. Todd suggested Chad Hanley for the position. Brant said that he knew someone at the mountain that would be a good fit if their Visa would allow for the summer work.
    3. TJ announced the results of the tournament survey poll. The poll made it clear that most of the people that actually played in club tournament s preferred two-day vs one-day tournaments .A large majority of those who preferred one-day tournaments had not participated in any Copley tournaments over the years.

    It was decided that the next Copley GC Board meeting will be held at 3:30PM on February 12th in the Town Offices on Portland Street. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:15 P.M.

    Respectfully Submitted, Todd Thomas

    Board of Directors Meeting 8 January 2018

    The meeting was called to order 5:35pm in the Town Offices on Portland Street.

    Present:           Tom Bjerke, Jay Cooke, Sheila Darrah, Scott Rossi, and Todd Thomas

    Absent:            Thomas Wawrzeniak & TJ Whyte

    Manager:        Brant Slayton


    The Board unanimously approved its previous meeting minutes from November 13th.


    Sheila said that she finalized the 2018 budget. Thus far for 2018, the club has 91 members, bringing in $43,815 of revenue. The holiday golf specials brought in an additional $1,195 of revenue. The directors discussed if we should pay off the Line of Credit with Union Bank with some of these funds (the $10,000 line of credit having a current balance of $5,044). Jay and Todd wanted to pay off the line of credit immediately given that there is $40,000 sitting in the money market account. The rest of the directors wanted to keep as much cash on hand as possible for ease of cash-low. Upon a motion made by Todd, it was agreed that the $4,000 Verizon signing bonus would be put towards the line of credit, after Jay was paid $1,800 for his green roller, and Sargent Law was paid $1,000 for reviewing the Verizon lease agreement. Todd said that he would explore other banking opportunities for the line of credit as well before it expired in August. Upon a motion made by Tom, the November and December financials were accepted. Upon a motion made by Todd, the proposed 2018 budget was approved.

    Old business

    1. The ice machine’s sensor will be fixed in the spring at a cost of a $500-$600.
    2. The fryolator will also need some work in the spring. The propane supplier shall be asked to see that it burns cleaner when the pilot is relit for the golf season.
    3. The leftover liquor was boxed and stored in Sheila’s basement for the winter. A final inventory with costs for all food and beverage is still needed from Matt Reeve.
    4. Upon Brant’s recommendation, the Board decided to keep Cindy’s credit card active.
    5. Tom Bjerke said that the lease for the Verizon cell tower had been signed and that the club should expect the $4,000 signing bonus to be paid by March 22nd.
    6. Tom Bjerke provided architectural plans designed to create more food prep area in the kitchen. In hopes of saving money, the Board wanted to look at revised plans for next meeting that did not involve moving the men’s bathroom.

    New business

    1. Jay provided an update of the club’s now successful sponsorship of First Tee programs for Morrisville, Wolcott, Hyde Park, Craftsbury, Greensboro, and Woodbury. If the program goes over well with the respective schools’ gym teachers, the club would look to get kids up to Copley for a green grass program expansion. Transportation for the green grass initiative still needs to be worked out.
    2. The Hickory tournament, which currently has a small turnout, will be held on June 9th. Sheila will also likely hold a PA reunion event at the course that day. The member-member, which may be reformatted, will be held on June 2nd-3rd. The member-guest will be held on August 18th-19th. The club championship will be held on September 8th-9th. It was also agreed that a survey would be circulated throughout the membership in hopes of increasing tournament participation.

    It was decided that the next Copley GC board meeting will be held at 3:30PM on February 12th in the Town Offices on Portland Street. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:00 P.M.


    Respectfully Submitted, Todd Thomas

    CGC Board of Directors Meeting – 12 March 2018

    The meeting was called to order 6:00pm in the Copley Clubhouse.

    Present:           Tom Bjerke, Sheila Darrah, Bob Heanue, Todd Thomas, and TJ Whyte

    Absent:            Thomas Wawrzeniak & Scott Rossi

    Manager:         Brant Slayton


    The Board unanimously approved its previous meeting minutes.


    Sheila said that the financials were in good shape for May. The Board voted unanimously to approve Brant signing the loan from Community National Bank for the new trap machine. The Board voted unanimously to offer daily memberships in place of green fees. This was in an effort to meet IRS’s 35% & 15% non-profit guidelines. Some computer point-of-sale coding would need to be done by Brant to make this happen. The Board decided that some professional tax strategy advice may be in order when funding is available.

    Old business

    1. Membership – Sheila said the club had 161 members for the season thus-far.
    2. Verizon cell tower lease – Todd related that a well-publicized public balloon test (during leaf-off season) was conducted for the proposed Verizon cell tower last Monday. He said that, overall, the proposed golf course cell tower was less visible than he thought it would be. He said there areas of high visibility in the area of 250 to 450 Upper Main Street. He added that the cell tower would also be visible from the bottom of Country Club Road, but he could not see the test balloon on Elmore Street, Harrel Street, or Elmore Mtn Road. Tom said that lease signing bonus was due from Verizon 90 days from March 5th.
    3. Efficiency upgrades – The Board agreed to work with Efficiency VT to replace the old electric water-heater in the clubhouse with a propane fired water-heater. Todd said that he would double check with the Village about the change-out of the lightbulb out to LED for the maintenance barn streetlight. Brant agreed to provide Todd with a lightbulb type and count for all the lights on the property so they could be upgraded to LED.

    New business

    1. Tax vote on the golf course – A discussion ensued about the Listers initial 2-1 vote to tax the golf course property. The Board agreed that paying tax on a municipally owned property that was available for public use was wrong. It was discussed that at least one of the Listers that that voted originally to tax the property, perhaps due to public pressure, had recently reversed course and decided to not tax the property. Todd said that a formal Listers vote on taxing the golf course property would take place on Tuesday 5 June at 10am.
    2. Winter utility bills – Bob said that the Board should try to get the electric, water, and sewer all turned off this fall so there will not be any winter bills from MW&L.
    3. Paige Cup – Todd asked that the Paige Cup match play event be brought back. It was agreed to give it a try even though members scheduling their matches had been difficult in the past. Todd agreed to help run this event if needed.

    It was decided that the next Copley GC Board meeting will be held at 5:30PM on Tuesday June 12th in the Clubhouse. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:00 P.M.


    Respectfully Submitted, Todd Thomas

    CGC Board of Directors Meeting – 27 August 2018

    The meeting was called to order 5:00pm in the Copley Clubhouse.

    Present:           Tom Bjerke, Sheila Darrah, Bob Heanue, Scott Rossi, Todd Thomas, and TJ Whyte

    Absent:            Open Board seat

    Manager:         Brant Slayton


    The Board unanimously approved its previous meeting minutes.

    New business

    1. Reverting back to old hole numbering on golf course – Chair TJ Whyte began the discussion about reverting back to the old golf course hole numbering. He explained that the Board had voted 4-3 over email to revert back to the old hole numbers. He added that the Board would again entertain this motion at its regular meeting because it was unclear in the bylaws if the Board could vote electronically. Director Bjerke made the motion to change the hole number on the course back to the pre-2013 numbering. Concerns were expressed by the membership in attendance that renumbering the holes was part of an effort to move the proshop back across the street, out of the clubhouse. Directors Thomas and Heanue said that this was the first they were hearing about moving the proshop back. Multiple Directors, including Chair Whyte said that the club could not afford to move the proshop back across the road as having the proshop in the clubhouse cut down on staffing costs. A majority of this members in attendance at the meeting said they were opposed to renumbering the holes. It was discussed that the current hole setup made it easier for staff to see who was making the turn for the back 9 in relation to first tee activity. Director Thomas made a motion to table this hole renumbering discussion until the annual meeting on September 22nd. The motion was affirmed unanimously.


    Sheila said that the financials were ……

    Old business

    1. Membership – Sheila said the club had 171 members for the season thus-far.
    2. Verizon cell tower lease – …..
    3. Efficiency upgrades – Brant agreed would be using a rainy day to have staff provide Todd with a lightbulb type and count for all the lights on the property so they could be upgraded to LED.

    It was decided that the next Copley GC Board meeting will be held at ______PM on Saturday September 22nd at the annual meeting in the Clubhouse. The meeting adjourned at approximately _____ P.M.


    Respectfully Submitted, Todd Thomas

    CGC Board of Directors Meeting – 22 September 2018

    The meeting was called to order 4:45pm in the Copley Clubhouse at the conclusion of the annual meeting.

    Present:           Karen Autorino, Crickett Bailey, Tom Bjerke, Dave McAllister, Todd Thomas, and TJ Whyte

    Absent:            Alyssa Barnes

    Manager:         Brant Slayton


    The board re-organized after the annual meeting. TJ Whyte will remain as chair. Todd Thomas will replace Sheila Darrah as treasurer. Alyssa Barnes will become secretary.

    Rental golf clubs:

    The board spoke about upgrading the very old rental set of golf clubs. Todd said that a good set of used Callaway Irons could be purchased off eBay for around $100. He will find an auction item and send it out to the board for approval of the expense. Karen said she may have some clubs she can donate for this purpose.

    Next meeting:

    It was decided that the next board meeting would take place at the club on Tuesday, October 8th at 5:30 evening.


    Respectfully Submitted, Todd Thomas

    CGC Annual Meeting – 22 September 2018

    The meeting was called to order 3:00pm in the Copley Clubhouse.

    Present:           Tom Bjerke, Sheila Darrah, Bob Heanue, Todd Thomas, and TJ Whyte

    Absent:            Scott Rossi

    Manager:         Brant Slayton

    With 66 Copley Golf Club members in attendance, the membership unanimously approved the financial reports for the year.

    A discussion ensued that the Verizon cell tower construction would likely start in spring and work around golf course usage.

    The board noted the survey where a majority of member respondents were opposed to renumbering the golf course holes. As such, the holes would not be changing.

    A lengthy discussion took place regarding a proposed amendment to the bylaws allowing for board members to be participate and/or vote electronically. It was noted that any electronic vote would be recorded in a meeting minutes as usual. Jamie Jarret made a motion to amend the bylaws to allow the board to vote remotely. The motion was affirmed by a super majority.

    An election was held for the four open board seats. Winners of the election for the three-year term seats were Karin Autorino, Dave McAllister, and Alyssa Barnes. Cricket Bailey was elected to the open board seat for two year term.

    Polly Manosh, Dave Coddaire, and Prudy Newton where appointed to serve on the audit committee.

    It was decided that the next annual meeting of the club membership will be held in the Clubhouse at 3:00 PM on Saturday 14 September 2019. The meeting adjourned at approximately 4:45 PM


    Respectfully Submitted, Todd Thomas

    CGC Board of Directors Meeting – 9 October 2018


    Meeting was called to order 5:32.

    Minutes from last meeting were approved unanimously.


    Brant shared current status of financials: $33,200 in bank

    • Reviewed the current bills remaining
    • Hood fan will be cleaned, compressor, two pay rolls, incidentals, etc. est. $8500 in next cycle. $3000 for last cycle.  Open this week, Sunday will likely be last day.
    • If no revenue is generated within this week, estimates for final will be approximately $2000 short.
    • Shelia reminded that there is also $2600 in workman’s comp and rooms and meals.
    • Brant proposes early membership deadline to be 12/1, verses 12/31 (last year).
    • Payment plan was in place in the past. TJ is in favor of 50% upfront, then an installment plan.
      • Board discussed the scenario of people likely more willing to sign up with the option of a payment plan. Also discussed that the need for additional management with this.
      • One member has not completed his payment on membership. Brant has made several attempts to rectify this.
      • Payment plan will be continued based on current rate. 3 Payments will be due: 12/1, 2/1. 4/1.
      • Brant reviewed membership rates.
      • Brant will send email out about payment plan option and early deadline date of 12/1/18.
      • Cricket asked about what a high school membership was ($100). Wondering if there needs to be more marketing for this.
      • Alyssa inquired about a perk to a member who brings on a new member. Board discussed and will further discuss in November.
      • Tom motions that we move with Brant’s email and moving forward with these membership rates. Karen seconded the motion.  Board was unanimously in favor.


    • TJ will send out confirmation

    Season 2018 review:

    • Chef had put out a Facebook post about his feelings from this year.
    • Brant will put out the search for the position for the upcoming season. Given that VT is a will-call state, if the chef wants his position back he can apply again.
    • Dave asked if we should begin hiring sooner than March. January 1 will begin hiring.
    • Storage for leftover food (non-perishable), clothing, etc. will be shared between golf shop and Shelia’s (again)

    Grounds and Equipment:

    • Equipment is ‘old.’ Ultimately needs to be upgraded. With the Verizon money, Brant feels we need to use this to improve on his equipment.  Needs a fairway mower and a tee-mower.  A new greens mower would be priority $15,000. 
    • Tom asked about current debts and reviewed current monthly installments (trap and vent machine).
    • Brant will let the board know in November prices. Tom also suggested looking at selling or trading the old mower.

    Grounds/Improvement projects for 2019.

    • Todd distributed his ideas.
      • Board reviewed the suggestions.
    • Dave inquired about family tees. Brant has begun this already.
    • Brant proposed:
      • Continue to clean up trees.
      • Cricket recommended Adam Crabapple trees.
      • Brant suggest more hardwood trees.
      • Pine on 6 will be removed through Verizon contract.
      • Sand that was received this year needs to be sifted because it has too many stones in it.
      • Tom and TJ will work together to figure out how to filter the sand so it can be used.
      • Will consider Todd’s suggestions.
    • Member clean-up/bunker day in the spring: to rake up the rocks in the bunkers.
    • Todd will email the upgrade suggestions to the team.


    • Lighting upgrade. Todd needs a list of what is needed.  Is looking to make a deal with Efficiency Vermont. 


    • New structure will have members appointed by the select board. CCC is looked at by some as a town’s ‘expense.’
    • CCC is owned by the village. CCC owns the pro-shop and maintenance barn.

    Verizon Tower:

    • Tom updated board. 2019 is scheduled year to build – unsure when.  This is  5-year contract that is renewable for 4 years.
    • Of the payment, $2400 goes to village of Morrisville.
    • Fund will be able to accessed for ‘beautification.’
    • Tom, “need to stick with the items that are on the long-term plan.’

    Long-term business plan:

    • Todd has electronic copies form last year.
    • Was preliminary and will be sent out to the board to review and vote on how to prioritize.

    New business:

    • Karen is working to get more information to find out how to go about offerings for charitable gift annuities.
    • Generically named it a ‘Legacy Giving Program.”
    • With PR, board discussed the potential for such endowments and contributions.
    • Dave suggested adding a space on membership forms.
    • Board discussed how to establish recognition.
      • Plaques have been found in the basement and board discussed taking them out again.
    • Website should be put on November website.
      • Golf Now needs to be worked out.

    LOC – pays a annual fee to keep it, then apply for what is needed.  Will be taken off the books.

    Next meeting: November 13th @ 5:30. Morrisville Town Offices (43 Portland St.)


    6:32 – Todd made movement to move into Executive Session. 

    Cricket also mentioned the need for a better porta-potty:

    • New company should be considered (currently P&P).

    TJ motioned to adjourn.

    Meeting adjourned 6:52.

    CGC Board of Directors Meeting – 27 November 2018

    November 27, 2018

    Attendees: Cricket, Dave, Alyssa, TJ, Todd, Karen

    Absent: Tom

    Meeting called to order: 5:37

    Todd Motioned to approve minutes, Alyssa second; all in favor, no nays.

    Review of Financials:

    Todd shared data on financials as of 10/31/18.  One new member to date.

    Todd would like to simplify fees next year for future financial calculations.

    Dave – “budget remaining” would like to change it to “balance remaining” terminology.  Seems to be opposite of what it means. Todd will check with Barb.

    Board reviewed Todd’s financials.  The water bill was significantly more from the beginning of the summer due to the drought in the beginning of the summer.  TJ had discussed with Brant previously how crucial and helpful the wedding event was last year to the club. Board members further discussed the status of the kitchen and menu.  Cricket stated the need for staple items on the menu. Maintaining appropriate inventory is a balancing act between stepping things up, and keeping the basics. Feedback stated that CCC lacked quality for seafood to offer Friday fish and chips, for example.

    Todd suggested changing the credit card system.  We are charged a 3.5% transaction fee and a monthly fee.  We are also still paying through the winter. Board discussed moving towards Square which has a 2.5% fee.  Board members agreed that these fees should be incorporated into the cost of items/products. This will be something to consider this when discussing membership rates in the future including analysis of how many members pay for membership with cash/check or CC.

    Shelia D. has been taken off the business credit card, and Todd, Brant, and Cindy have them.

    Todd would like to change from Union Bank’s Money Market because it is not worth the interest.  Todd will look into change banks.

    Stowe Insurance policy packet was given to Todd.  NFP is the current insurance. Board discussed veting policy and membership.  While the Stowe Insurance policy is slightly higher, but with a membership bonus, it will not be much of a difference than with NFP.  All are in favor of saving money. Board members felt it important that we keep business and personal dealings separate.

    Board members asked how and to whom lifetime memberships are offered moving forward.  Brant may this info. Two members in exchange for previous work have been grandfathered at this point.

    Board and Directors insurance was declined and discussed.  A Hickok and Boardman policy is upcoming.

    All for financials. Motion to approve financials made, second, unanimously approved.

    Membership and Promotions

    Brant sent out an email about a holiday promotion and early deadline.  

    Cricket shared about some promotions being done in other courses (i.e. Williston) such as 2 fees and a cart.  TJ shared that there has been work done on building a website. We will need to meet with GolfNow to incorporate onto it.  TJ started to do some updating and cleaning of the website. Cricket suggested we get into the VT GolfCard and setting up specials.  

    We priced accordingly the holiday promotion special to compete with those clubs.  

    Karen – offered to help with writing copy on the website.  Also, suggested holiday gifts of gift certificate for the Veranda.

    Board discussed possibility and options around offering $1/hole nights to increase popularity and interest to include seniors, juniors, and new players.  Advertisement and marketing are on the website, but we need to get to individuals and target opportunities.

    Karen – something to consider is offering a meal deal rate to support getting traffic into the clubhouse.

    Next steps on this: Karen, TJ, and Brant will get together about some ideas and the website.

    TJ proposes furthering the advertisement area to Burlington area.  FPF has had best outcomes and

    Board would like to keep minimal to none with paid advertisement.  Alyssa suggested Instagram. Todd asked who was receiving the emails from “info.”

    Todd is willing to update Bylaws if sent to him in Word.

    Meeting minutes and Agendas:

    Board discussed posting minutes and agendas on the website.  Agreed unanimously about need for more transparency.

    Minutes will be emailed to board members to review prior to being posted.

    Chef position:

    Will be posted in January.

    Grounds & Equipment:

    Brant has this information, but is not present.


    2018: We need to get thank you notes out to current sponsors.   

    2019: 2018 Sponsorship Program was reviewed.  Karen suggested we delegate sponsors to contact.  

    Will be further coordinated in the next meeting.


    Power has been disconnected.

    Comcast is being billed throughout the year.

    Lighting and Upgrade:

    Brant has this information.  Todd wants to connect with Efficiency Vermont.

    P&P should not be used again.  

    Verizon Cell Update:

    Tom has this information; but Todd states that no changes have been made since last meeting.

    Legacy Gift and Endowment (Karen):

    Karen shared ideas about how to promote to members the information and of how to get a legacy gift and endowment set up.  River Arts and an evening over the summer were suggested as means to create advertisement and inform members.

    Next Meeting:  January 8th @ 5: 30 – 7

    6:50 Motion to adjourn.

    No board meeting in the month of December 2018

  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - 2017

    Board of Directors Meeting October 16, 2017

    Meeting called to order 5:28pm @ Sheila’s house

    Present: Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, Tom Bjerke, Todd Thomas, Thomas Wawrzeniak,

    Scott Rossi

    Managers: Brant Slayton, Matt Reeve


    BOD- reviewed the P&L and Balance sheet with some discussion.

    SD- Need to separate the tournament income and expenses on the spreadsheets. Still problems

    with showing balance to this category

    TT- made the motion to approve, TB 2nd


    TW- Did not compile meeting minutes for 9/18/17. But did review the rough draft items with

    the BOD. SD- motion to approve, TB- 2nd.


    MR- Ice machine died and need to evaluate what needs to be fixed and or replaced

    MR- States that the fryolator need some maintenance. Will look into if parts are needed

    MR- States that the freezer has been cleaned and maintain.

    MR- The final account of liquor was boxed and stored. TC- requests a final inventory with costs

    on all food and beverage to be stored for next year

    MR- The club would need another refrigerator for future weddings

    BS- Irrigation network will be air blow tomorrow

    JC- Will start to work with audit committee on policies any concerns moving forward.

    SD- Will start a binder for the audit committee

    BS- Presented the response to the membership survey on how we did in 2017. We got 85

    response and the overall report was good. Greens and fairways, excellent. Food and Clubhouse,

    7+ out of 10. Tournaments, 8+. Overall presentation and hospitality, 10

    Copley Golf Club BOD February 20, 2017

     Meeting started 5:32 pm- Sheila Darrah’s home

    Present: Michael Gandy, Sheila Darrah, TJ Whyte, Tom Bjerke, Becky Doherty

    Absent: Jay Cooke, Tom Wawrzeniak

    Staff: Mike Reeve, Brant Slayton


    • Were not available
    • Discussion about improving format and timely availability of report

    Meeting Minutes:

     MG- Floor open for discussion on 1/16/17 meeting minutes. No discussion or comments were presented

    MG- Minutes accepted as is, SD- 2nd

    Name Change:

    In order to change the perception of CCC being a private club, the vote was taken and approved to change the name to Copley Golf Club- logos will be changed to reflect this.

    Sponsor Renewal:

    • Maureen Slayton has volunteered to head this effort again with assistance from Jay Cooke and Becky Doherty
    • Jay Cooke presented a proposal to the Union Bank for some catering opportunities to be included with sponsorship- may become a template for other businesses

    Bar and Grill Delivery Service:

     Based on positive response from JC’s survey, delivery service will be available to the community for individuals and businesses interested in ordering lunch at their place of work, catering meetings,

    • Food can also be ordered by phone for pick-up or to save time allowing one to have lunch on the verandah during their lunch break
    • Discussion about ways to enhance the ambiance and appearance of the verandah
    • Increase public awareness about dining at the Golf Club -excellent food, creative menu, beautiful location, no membership required
    • MR- has identified an experienced assistant to help on a part-time basis


    • Whack-a-do tournament (Chamber of Commerce) has requested to return to CGC- JC to run tourney
    • Lamoille Valley Ford- May 6th- details TBD
    • Possible wedding at end of September
    • Discussion about price of renting the clubhouse- need to increase?
    • May invite cart owners to allow use of their carts during events with a discount to their trail fee

    Future Projects:

     BS- suggested several projects and improvements to be included in a 5 year plan i.e.: central air, grease trap, carpeting, some floor replacement on the verandah, new chairs for the verandah, new bar top- priority to be determined by budget constraints

    Retail survey:

    TJW- noted that people were most interested in performance wear; brands most likely to be predominant are Titleist and FootJoy

    Leftover inventory and new retail items are currently being assessed for successful sale in the Pro Shop

    Next meeting scheduled for March 20, 2017 at 5:30- Sheila Darrah’s home Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm

    Respectfully submitted, Becky Doherty

    Copley Golf Club BOD January, 2017

    No meeting held.
  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - 2016

    Board of Directors Meeting December 5, 2016

    Meeting started 5:30

    Present:  Mike Gandy, Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, TJ Whyte, Becky Doherty
    Absent:  Tom Bjerke, Tom Wawrzeniak
    Staff:  Brant Slayton, Matt Reeve

    Financials and October’s minutes:

    • Not discussed at the meeting but accepted and approved with 6 votes by email

    Kitchen expansion project:

    • Tom has kitchen sketches which require bathroom reconfiguration- possibly two unisex bathrooms, giving more space for bar/kitchen prep and storage
    • Current back bar would be removed
    • TJ has a connection for a used cooler (free)
    • Extent of project accomplished this year dependent upon budget
    • Jay would like to make a new bar top
    • SD suggested turning the present women’s bathroom into a unisex bathroom

    2016 Financials and 2017 budget

    • Sheila reports that we were $33,000+ over budget in payroll for 2016
    • Payroll and other taxes roughly $16,000 per year
    • Summary only of the budget will circulate via email to members
    • LOC- $500 per month

    Tournament status:

    • Brant’s work in progress- plans on course opening Friday, May 5, 2017
    • Ladies’ Invitational- Question as to the amount of money in the money market after the Ladies’ Invitational. Sheila will determine if all was spent or if there is $400 in the account to be used next year


    • Holiday ad to go into the Free Press
    • FPF- discussion around usefulness- $96 per year and can advertise 2X per month
    • LV Chamber of Commerce- discussion of value
    • Jay would like to do another SAA mixer in September 2017


    • Mike is working on the letter to last year’s sponsors- Jay will provide pictures of the signs

    Membership renewal status:

    • Currently have 204 2017 memberships
    • Lengthy list of non-renewals presented

    New Business:

    • Brant had a productive conversation with Terry- proposed an $11,000 salary for Terry
    • Terry, John Wells, and Jim Hall to be hourly in the pro shop only- more training needed for POS system as errors in 2016 were excessive
    • Matt- needs a part-time “sous chef” who is also a capable wait person

    Meeting adjourned approximately 7:00 pm- thanks to Sheila for holiday snacks and beverages

    Next meeting:  January 16, 2017

    Respectfully submitted by Becky Doherty

    Board of Directors Meeting November 21, 2016

    Meeting postpone until December 5, 2016 to allow member attendance.

    Board of Directors Meeting October 17, 2016

    Meeting called to order 5:38pm @ Clubhouse

    Present:           Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, Michael Gandy, Thomas Wawrzeniak, Tom Bjerky
    Absent:            Becky Doherty, TJ Whyte
    Managers:       Brant Slayton


    No CCC members attended during this meeting


    BOD – reviewed the P&L report up to 9/30/16. One topic was the payroll expenses for 2016. The discussion in reviewing departmental payroll in determining how to save on payroll expenses moving forward for 2017.

    BOD – general overview on where more revenue could be made with the clubhouse experience and maybe expansion towards more public use and exposure.

    BOD – spent time with the new board member, Tom Bjerky overall discussion of the past financial issues that existed for the past few years in paying off loans and where we are today.

    SD – motion to approve, TB – 2nd the motion


    BOD – There was no discussion on the September’s meeting minutes.

    SD – Motion to approve, TC – 2nd the motion


    MG – Announced board member role after the annual meeting:
    Michael Gandy = Chairman
    Jay Cooke = Co Chair
    Sheila Darrah = Treasurer
    Becky Doherty = Secretary
    Tom Wawrzeniak = Grounds
    Brant Slayton = Tournament Chair and committee = Mike Audy and Dave Earley

    BS – Discussion was made on tournament fees for 2017 with some suggestion made as to events, costs and net profit. BOD will continue to work on this topic in the coming months for further discussion.

    MG – Discussion as to the Social Membership and its fees that have been in the by-laws since the 1980’s. BOD – agrees to keep this in the by-laws and charge an annual fee of $1.00 per year.

    MG – Presented that there are 29 members that have paid for 2017 thus far. We hope to see a much larger number of paid members by November 1st.

    MG – Presented information of services render to the club in lieu dues payment.

    TB – Makes a motion that MG should be given a 2017 regular membership for services in kind. JC – 2nd the motion. All agreed.

    Next board meeting to be held on November 21, 2016. The place to be determined

    Meeting adjourned at 7:27pm, TB – motion to close, JC – 2nd the motion.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Board of Directors Meeting September 19, 2016

    Meeting called to order 6:03pm @ Clubhouse

    Present: Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, Michael Gandy, TJ Whyte,
    Thomas Wawrzeniak, John Reen

    Absent: Becky Doherty,

    Managers: Brant Slayton, Terry Francis


    No CCC members attended during this meeting


    There was little discussion with the board in reviewing the current P&L’s for August.
    TJ = Motion to approve, 2nd = SD


    MG – No discussion on the August meeting minutes.
    JC = Motion to approve, TJ – 2nd the motion


    MG – Presented a draft 2017 membership rates for the board to consider.
    JR – Drafted up another list of proposed membership rates to consider. The board
    reviewed both drafts and discussion was to work out what seemed to be an acceptable
    increase for 2017 season. Also discussed was the option of different payment plans. The
    comments led to about three different options.
    JC – stated that because the golf industry for small 9 hole course have a difficulty in
    making ends meet we need to focus on what could offer an increase in revenue such as,
    promoting more events, private parties, and good hospitality for the clubhouse could
    help in creating this increase.
    SD – Presented revisions to the current by-laws for review and discussion.
    JR – Brought up some revisions to be made such as in Article 1, stating that the town
    only owns the clubhouse and not all structures. Also, the feeling is that the revised draft
    could be streamlined. The board reviewed all items and made some changes. The final
    revisions to the by-laws will be made and ready for the annual meeting on September
    SD – Presented to the board the projected 2017 budget. There was a long discussion in
    the review of each line item and did make some minor changes. JC = motion to approve
    the revised budet, TJ = 2nd. SD – will revise and email to all board members by Saturday.

    Next board meeting to be held at the annual meeting on September 24, 2016
    Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm, SD – motion to close, TW – 2 nd

    Respectfully Submitted, Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Board of Directors Meeting August 15, 2016

    Meeting called to order 5:58pm @ Clubhouse

    Present: Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, Michael Gandy, Becky Doherty, Thomas Wawrzeniak, John Reen

    Absent: TJ Whyte

    Managers: Brant Slayton, Terry Francis, Matt Reeve


    No CCC members attended during this meeting


    MG – Discuss current clubhouse expenses along with payroll. Review ways to cut back on certain expenses to keep the clubhouse account balanced. Suggest that managers need to reduce manhours spent/cut back payroll

    BD – Motion to approve, JC – 2nd the motion


    MG – No discussion on the July meeting minutes.

    JC – Motion to approve, SD – 2nd the motion


    BS – Presented a current equipment list and replacement costs to the board. There was some discussion as to the replacement value and all members understood.

    JR – Suggest the board to revisit our membership fees/rates for next year, maybe to simplify them and remove all the current options. Consider setting rates across the board.

    MG & SD – States that we need to make rates more attractive to younger players.

    MG – An idea of maybe we could offer a two payment plan for 2017 membership fees like one in November and the other in April. Or maybe if members pay in October, we would keep the current rate? All will consider this idea and discuss at our next meeting.

    MR – States that this past week had a poor revenue stream due too bad weather.

    SD – States that the lunch crowd from the town had a good turnout.

    TF – Will set up the signup sheet for our next tournament, The Club Championship. The Member/Guest tournament was postponed due to weather and is rescheduled for September 15, 16 and 17. There are currently 25 players that have signed up.

    MG – Suggests that the Copley Country Club by-laws be revised.

    SD – emailed to all board members the proposed changes to the current by-laws for review and comments. This will need to be finalized for presentation by our next annual board meeting slated for September 24, 2016.

    JC – The golfing industry and our membership is at a steady decline for the past several years. Our best option to improve our revenue stream would be our clubhouse. In order to plan more banquets/events in the future for our clubhouse we will need to make some building improvements such as upgrading electrical, building efficiency and a new heating/cooling system. Our current maximum occupancy rate for inside is 50 occupants. But for larger events we could offer outdoor tenting and restroom facilities.

    MG – Maybe we could ask a general contractor to conduct a site evaluation to determine what renovations are required along with an estimate.

    SD – These funds for the clubhouse improvements could maybe come from the Copley Fund under beautification. If we seek this request for funds from them, we would need to submit our proposal by November 15th of this year.

    JC – We should come up with a business plan and to seek out if this could be a viable option.

    Next board meeting to be held on September 19, 2016

    Meeting adjourned at 7:43pm, SD – motion to close, TW – 2nd

    Respectfully Submitted, Thomas Wawrzeniak<0>

    Board of Directors Meeting July 18, 2016

    Meeting called to order 5:56pm @ Clubhouse

    Present: Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, Michael Gandy, Becky Doherty, TJ Whyte, Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Managers: Brant Slayton, Terry Francis, Matt Reeve


    No CCC members attended during this meeting


    There was little discussion, SD – mentions our current P&L is in good standing with hopes that
    the next three months have a good revenue stream. SD – motion to accept, JC – 2nd


    MG – We would need to add Troy Cochran to the minutes for part-time hire. TJ – motion to
    accept, JC – 2nd


    MR – conducted an inventory of food storage today. The total amount inventoried is $5,528. Most of it is frozen product

    MG – Asked if there is any feedback on the new menu?

    MR – stating that there was not much to report except for having real turkey meat in lieu of processed.

    JC – Presented an idea for Matt to reach out by email to all members to for a response on the new

    MG – will draft up the email for Matt to submit.

    MR – Mentioned the Bourne’s event last Saturday was a big success. The group was very
    happy with the food service and menu.

    BS – Sprayer was worked on and appears to be running normal. Plan to fix the old
    aerator because Ryder Brook would consider purchasing it. Had to replace the PTO
    switch on the mowing tractor. The tractor hydraulic system was heating up so they
    cleaned up the radiator and hopefully will fix the problem. We used a lot of water in the
    past month. Now moving forward we will use water just for the greens, tees and
    approach areas.

    MG – The P&L’s show a tight margin for payroll expense. We need to hold back/cut staff
    use as best we can moving forward to maintain the margin. MR – states that Jim comes
    in around 11am for about three days/week. Will ask him to leave if no activity or bad
    weather is present. TW – asked about behind the bar? MR – states Cindy usually works
    on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

    TF – The ladies invitational tournament has 12 teams so far for this week end event.
    Feels that this number will increase by the end of the week. JC – will be running around
    with a beverage cart during the ladies tournament.

    TF – Suggests we should run a beer special. Maybe a Monday or Tuesday night league
    events to go with the beer special.

    BS – Monday and or Tuesdays would be good days.

    JC – will have a conversation with Josh P. for ideas on specials and events.

    TF – Mentions that we should tap into the Morrisville lunch crowd with some specials.
    We are starting to see more patrons showing up for lunches.

    MG – States the next tournament will be the Men’s Invitational. Par 3 event on Friday
    8/12, Scrabble/scotch foursum on Saturday 8/13th which will determine flights for
    Sunday 8/14th which will be best ball.

    BS – Suggests that we look into having a Copley CC Invitational for next year. Where it
    could include Member/Member, Member/Guest, Guest/Guest. If so, we will need to
    advertise this in April of 2017.

    JC – Golf School will conduct an open house event for all to come and try out the
    simulation equipment and how it helps, demo on putting and chipping etc. Try to set
    this up for a Saturday in August.

    JC – Presents the idea of night time golf tournament using LED balls. No one else is
    doing type of event in the area and feels that it could be a big hit. We could have a pig
    roast during this tournament. All thought this would be a good event. JC – will pull
    together more details to have further discussion.

    MG – Requests we seek for the seventh board member during the interim. Suggests
    Wally Reeve but there might be a conflict of interest. We will place an email out the
    membership to see if there might be someone interested.

    Next board meeting to be held on August 15, 2016

    Meeting adjourned at 7:13pm, BG – motion to close, TJ – 2 nd

    Respectfully Submitted, Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Board of Directors Meeting June 20, 2016

    Meeting called to order 6:05pm @ Clubhouse

    Present: Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, Michael Gandy, Becky Doherty, TJ Whyte, Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Managers: Brant Slayton and Bob Manley, Terry Francis


    No CCC members attended during this meeting


    No discussion, comments or changes were brought up. SD – motion to accept, JC – 2nd

    SD – States that there will be a large loan payment due for July 1st.


    No discussion, comments or changes were made. JC – motion to accept, MG – 2nd


    MG – Ian Grant has resigned from the Board.  Must begin a search for a replacement.

    MG – 4th of July Tournament = need to find someone to be the BOD’s liaison/chairperson to help with the process.

    JC – stated that he and Chris will help and support the tournament committee

    SD – States that the CCC has hired a part-time person for about 2 hours to clean the clubhouse 3 times per week. Charlie Wilson.

    JC – Has started a special sale on the left-over golf club grips. The price would be about $2 each. There is about 3 sets of different brands

    JC – Junior Camp starts on Tuesday, June 21st. They have 6 juniors and maybe more like 10. Requests to spread the word on this new camp to see if there will be more interest.

    JC – The golf school and clinic has generated so far 7 new members

    MG – States that right now we have 206 memberships in 2016, so our goal is in good standing.

    BS – He has hired a part-time worker named Troy to start next week

    BS – Has heard from Carlos wishing to come up to VT and help out on the course maintenance for an exchange to play golf.

    JC – Will contact Adam about the liability issues if any.

    BS – Will be working on the following item in the near future. Bunkers and bunker berm on holes 1 and 5. Trim tree limbs around the course. The 6th tee box to be cleaned up and reseeded. Move ball washer and bench at Tee Box #8. All the equipment is running well at this time.

    BM – A couple of functions are coming up where Matt has put together some good menus. Also, Coke representative has donated about 50 tee shirts to hand out for the staff.

    TF – We have had some great weather which has given us a good amount of greens fees. Father’s day was packed.

    Next board meeting to be held on July 18, 2016

    TW- motion to adjourn, TJ- 2nd, All approve

    Respectfully Submitted, Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Board of Directors Meeting May 16, 2016

    Meeting called to order 5:40pm @ Clubhouse

    Present: Sheila Darrah, Jay Cooke, Michael Gandy, Ian Grant, Becky Doherty, TJ Whyte, Thomas Wawrzeniak, Josh P.

    Managers: Brant Slayton and Bob Manley, Terry Francis


    Dave Earley- would like page cup in the Club Championship

    IG- will try match play with qualifier on Friday

    Buckwheat- has too work on Fridays, no can do, Does like the shape of the course, Sand traps are in rough shape with no edge trimming. 8th Tee box gone and does not like to tee off of a pasture.


    There were no financials to report due to credit card entries vs POS system log in.

    MG- We need to check both the card slips against the register slip

    SD- presented new cash out sheet to all managers to fill out for cash out each day. NO combining.


    JC- Reviewed minutes, with no comments or corrections. TJ- motion to approve, SD- 2nd.


    TF- Will revise the men’s league play back to the points system, add gross and net, scoring by removing 2 or 3 holes at random.

    JC- Suggests that the membership to take over the tournaments and create their own committee as an association. All agree make this happen in the coming future.

    IG- suggests changing the member-member tournament on May 28, 29 on entry fees from $40 with food to $25 w/o food. This will give everyone a better choice.

    MG-Fred’s will be moving the LP gas heater to the golf school on Tuesday

    JC- States that the Stowe Area Association will be here on 5/24 from 5 to 7 as a mixer and a presentation of the golf school and clinic. There will be Smugglers Distillery, Trapps, Boyton and Rock Art. Ribbon cutting at 5:30pm

    SD- Has reviewed employment hours in the clubhouse and suggests we need to manage the hours spent moving forward.

    BM- Will e making some adjustments as needed.

    TF- Will also make adjustments after the training is completed<0>TJ- Has reviewed our recent health inspection report and penalties, We need to make more improvements that really help our score. TJ will spend time with kitchen staff to find ways for improvement.

    JC- Suggests that the club purchase staff uniforms ie, shirts etc. and aprons. All agree to move on this for staff appearance in the club.

    JC & TJ- Will review and setup procedures for food service safety

    SD- Mentions Ladies State Day on May 31 and need to place ad in News and Citizen.

    Next board meeting to be held on June 20, 2016

    MG- motion to adjourn, JC- 2nd, All approve

    Respectfully Submitted, Thomas Wawrzeniak

    Board of Directors Meeting  April, 2016

    Attending:  Mike, TJ, Jay, Becky, Sheilla, Terry, Bob, Josh P.,

    Meeting called to order 5:36pm

    Michael confirmed that the LOC is approved for another year. Josh asked that he be included on the list of those receiving financials, and Michael indicated that he would get that done. Michael also confirmed that a loan application had been submitted for the purchase of the new trim mower.

    Opening balances look good to open. On the P&L, over budget on income and under budget on expenses. Motion to accept financials – TJ moved, Sheila seconded.

    TJ moved that minutes from last meeting be approved. Jay gladly seconded.

    Internet TV was renewed through Comcast. Fairpoint internet installed in the locker room/golf school building. Golf school will take over payments to Fairpoint at season’s end.

    Sponsors: Rock Art, Hearthstone, Thistledown, Joe Lowe, Edward Jones. Jay to consolidate logos and get to Josh.

    The opening tournament is planned for May 7.

    The Google docs opening password is going to be coming from Josh. Look for link to Google docs.

    The course is open to members and outside play.

    $ 200 is due to Joe Lowe for procuring gravel for our later use. The money purchases 6 truck loads that Joe brought us and charged only for the trucking.

    New Business:

    Tournaments: Opening Ceremonies discussed, Ian led the discussion of prizes and fees. The first beneficiary is going to be course improvements.

    The Ice maker had a leak and was fixed by County Plumbing.

    Money was approved to purchase 1,000 square feet of sod for the new 8th tee. Moved by TJ and seconded by Ian.

    Josh reviewed answering machine procedures.

    TJ mentioned that some consideration should be given to board compensation; one alternative was a discounted membership rate. The discussion centered mainly around possible conflicts and the discussion was tabled.

    It was suggested that an agenda be sent out to board members one week before the meeting.

    Ian moved to adjourn, and Becky seconded at 7:15 p.m.

    Board of Directors Meeting  March 21, 2016

    The meeting was attended by Jay, Mike, Sheila, Ian, Becky. Tom and TJ were out of town and unable to attend. Also in attendance were Terry, Bob Manley and Brant.

    The meeting was called to order at 5:34.

    Financials were reviewed and with few short discussions approved. Becky moved, Jay seconded.

    The minutes were reviewed. Sheila moved to accept, Ian seconded.

    The state of sponsorships were review by Becky. A few sponsors have come on board, but many remain and could use some personal contact at this point to help close the deals. Wayne’s Electric has come on board as the sponsor of the golf school for 2016. Concept 2 and another business has offered to devote some funds to the junior program.

    Michael reviewed some options for our security coverage. It was decided that elaborate security measures were not cost effective. Jay is going to make some typical “covered by security” stickers to be used around the club. Michael is continuing to look into affordable video surveillance.

    Restoration of the locker room area was discussed, with some attention to how the area will be kept clean and neat. Paint colors were discussed and tabled until Jay and Sheila looked at a few options. As soon as the weather permits, the painting will be completed and lockers moved into place.

    Kitchen help is still an issue for Bob. He is reaching out to purveyors, vendors, Craig’s list, etc. for prospects.

    Michael reviewed the status of the new scorecards and printing is well underway with the black and white design saving a considerable amount over the previous color versions.

    Renee Bourne has requested her family outing being held once again and it was decided that July 17, Sunday, would be the best date. Rental fees, food costs and bartender allocation would be submitted to Renee for approval. Brant is following up with her.

    The tractor sale and purchase of new trim mower is ongoing, with Brant looking at possibilities.

    Club opening plans focused on April dates. Brant will be back on board April 8. Terry and staff to follow later in the month, with POS training to be included. Mike Lowell was granted playing privileges for 2016 in exchange for his doing machine repair for Brant. Fred’s Propane to be called and the clubhouse heated soon so opening issues can be addressed.

    It was suggested that some sort of dinner or luncheon be planned for our sponors.

    New Business:

    Josh Pombar was unanimously approved by the board to help with marketing.

    Brant and Bob discussed beer options for the season, with local breweries the main topic of discussion. Sheila also suggested we review our wine offerings. Both Sheila and Becky thought the women in particular would respond well to a new variety of products.

    Michael indicated that he had closed the deal with both Comcast and Fairpoint to provide communications to the club and golf school.

    The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m., with the board going into executive session at 7:45.

    Submitted by Jay Cooke in Tom’s absence.

    Board of Directors Meeting  February 8, 2016

    S. Darrah residence

    Meeting called to order by Gandy 5:30 p.m.

    Board members In attendance: TJ, Sheila, Michael, Ian, Becky.

    Also in attendance Brandt and Bob.

    January Minutes TJ – motion to approve  SD seconded.

    January Financials –  TJ motion to approve with exception to amounts in dues and licenses SD- seconded

    Discussion regarding the availability of financials. Bank statements are available of the second Monday of the month.  Will move BOD meeting to 3rd Monday of month to eliminate this problem.

    Policy and Procedures – We have to separate employee P&P and member P&P.  Then put both in booklet form, print for opening day.

    Hole naming – pending

    SAA – Dues of $750, they will invoice us $250 times 3 during season.  We need to send them our application for vacation/event planner ad by the 19th.  We have a picture but need description to go with it (200 characters don’t count spaces).  MG offered a framework but had so many suggestions from other board members.  They will work on it and email MG by Friday.

    SD motion to Lamoille Chamber of Commerce. IG seconded. Approved

    MG requested Becky work with Maureen on a schedule of ads for N&C and Stowe Reporter and we have to come up with specials for those ads asap. Agreed.

    Sponsorship renewal letter – same as last year with exception of $500 level 10 – 9 hole green fees with Cart and employees who join get 20% off applicable membership.  (New – $359 would be $287.20,  Recent member – $575 would be $460)  add tax.  MG to reword application and send to Maureen. Approved.

    Mower – BS presented 2 quotes for Trim Mower, one with tractor/mower and the other with tractor/mower & roller.  #1 $30,700 and #2 $43,200.  Seasonal payments (6)  #1 $1100 and #2 $1530.   Response was that club couldn’t afford those payments this year.   BS already knew that and had a proposal to sell John Deere tractor we have (and not used since buying the new tractor) to cover all or most of the payments this year.  The second year the golf carts are paid off and the mower payment would replace that.  Approved go ahead to sell the tractor.  List for $9,000 get as much as possible for it.

    BM – MG will draft an ad for Craigs List for Asst. Cook/Server have him review and place it.   Very important we get him some help.  Might be easier this year as places are reducing/ laying off people due bad winter. Approved

    Membership –   118  members.  Last year same time 170.  Many signs point to many renewals in April as well as new members.

    Meeting adjourned – 7:40 PM

    Board of Directors Meeting  January 12, 2016

    S. Darrah residence

    Meeting called to order by Gandy 5:36 p.m.

    Board members In attendance: TJ, Sheila, Michael, Ian, Jay, Becky.

    Also in attendance Brandt and Bob.

    Financials were reviewed. 2014 showed a net loss of $ 51,469. In contrast, 2015 showed net profit of $ 35,400, a positive swing of $ 86,951. As of this day, bank balance $ 43,600, with $ 3800 in Bob’s checking account; the latter is earmarked for opening food services Spring 2016 so will stay in that account til then. Reduced principal payment to credit line. Have a money market of $ 2,700 which is earmarked for paying down credit line in spring if membership sign ups are strong enough for opening. Credit line still on track to be paid of by end of 2017 season.

    Need $ 30,000 to open in spring 2016. Have $ 43K in bank, with monthly bills of approx.. 2K = $ 8,000 over the winter. So this leaves us approx. 5K to the good after opening, and doesn’t include memberships yet to be purchased near the opening of golf season. To date we have taklen in approx.. $ 60K in memberships, with another $ 900. from holiday sales promotion, plus another $ 100 from gift certificates.

    There was a discussion about refining our holiday offerings.

    Ian moved that the financials be approved, and TJ seconded.

    Sheila moved to accept minutes from last meeting; TJ seconded.

    1. Promo packet. Review the various levels of sponsorship and what each level brought to the sponosrs. Various offerings were discussed: a la cart/hole sponsorships, meals, reception. Consider discounts on meeting room fees for corporate sponsors. Bob agreed that we should again push for corporate sponsorships. Perhaps the $ 500 sponsors would also be given title sponsorship of one of the tournaments, meaning their names and logos would be on promo materials, like banners.

    72.  2016 membership—approved granting 2 year membership to Stu Maynard rather than the initial 3 year deal.

    1. pending
    2. Start new searches for staff attire options. Check Golf now for what they might offer. Sheila suggested checking out Land’s End.
    3. Copley Fund: Tabled til November
    4. Grounds plan generally completed with regard to fescue areas, bunkers and fairway cuts. Lengthy discussion on what machinery needs were, with particular reference to the trim mower.
    1. Course maintenance: Lengthy discussion on what machinery needs were, with particular reference to the trim mower. There is concern over its reliability and operational safety. Brandt to bring purchase/lease alternatives to next board meeting. Also discussed: bunker machine and greens roller. Board unanimous in its interest to find a way to bring a roller on board, as it would give us some of the best greens around and help attract/keep players. One plan is to bring a/the trim mower up to where it is reliable and safe, then look into a lease agreement for the other machinery to take effect after we finish paying for the carts in 2017.
    1. pending
    2. pending
    3. Tournaments: Ian brought suggested dates for everyone to review and respond in case conflicts were discovered. Various format options were discussed and again board was encouraged to review the options and be prepared to finalize both dates and formats at the Feb. meeting.
    4. Sheila is continuing to review documents and handbooks and is adding to our policies on a regular basis. Part time employee privileges discussed; consider vouchers for shifts worked rather than full playing privileges for even a shift or two. Brandt indicated that perhaps 20 hours or more would qualify.
    5. The marketing plan is moving along well after a couple meetings; ditto the women’s tournament plans. Ian will incorporate those plans and hopefully we will round out dates and general plans at the Feb. meeting.
    6. JC requested that Lauren place percentage values on the P&L. Mike will follow up.

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.