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In 1935, Morrisville’s philanthropically minded native son, Alexander Hamilton Copley, who is also responsible for Peoples Academy and the Copley Hospital, deeded the now Club property to the village of Morrisville to be used as a recreational facility for its residents. Use of the property was intended as a Park, Golf Course, or Airfield. Because of this, a well thought out plan is in order. The approved plan would provide direction and control in the future development of Copley Golf Club while maintaining its integrity and original intent. The management of the course was placed by the Village fathers in the hands of a board of directors, consisting of C.H. A. Slayton, A.B. Limoge, Dr. Phillip Goddard, C.F. Higginbotham, and Hammond Barnes.

The construction of the course was done by James M. Kelley of Morrisville, who with L.M. Munson, president of the board of village trustees, ably supervised the laying out and building of the house and course. So far as was known at the time, Morrisville had the only combined airport and golf course anywhere. Season membership at the time, which included the use of the course and clubhouse, cost only five dollars!

The clubhouse was built to provide a gathering place for social activities for its members. The clubhouse itself is a beautiful one story structure with its large club room, which could be divided by sliding partitions into three separate rooms fireplace, kitchenette, and men’s and women’s lockers and shower rooms. Mr. Copley also furnished the clubhouse at the Copley Golf Club. The furnishings included equipment enough to serve banquets and to care for 100 guests. The clubhouse has remained as built with few minor changes.

The nine-hole course was slightly less than regulation distance, covering 2,154 yards. However, it had been described by a golfer who has played on more than 1,000 courses as presenting one of the most beautiful panoramic views of any course in this country. George Clewes of Randolph was hired as pro and greenskeeper. The first officers of the club were President, W.D. Jones; Vice President J.M. Kelly; Secretary C. Russell Graves; Treasurer, L Morris White.

Since its inception, the golf clubhouse remained intact even though the course has seen several changes including, four major layout changes. In addition to the four major layout changes, the course has seen a multitude of revisions, alterations, and additions, including sand trap additions and deletions, tree removal and plantings, various fairway and rough configurations, a new pro shop, green modifications, new and expanded tee boxes and the most recent addition of a full irrigation system.

These changes were implemented based on changing times, increase use, technological advancements, and some simply as ideas of the Boards of Directors to improve or direct play. For whatever reason, changes were and will continue to be made.